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A glass marker board for every room in the house

Take a look inside of a school room or office area, and odds are, you’ll find a dry erase board. However, glass whiteboards are not only sturdier, but are stylish enough to work in a professional, educational, or personal home setting. Actually, you could find a use for a glass whiteboard for almost every room in the house:

The kitchen

This heart of the home is a great place for a glass whiteboard. You can use it as your family’s communication hub, tacking up notes with your glass whiteboard’s magnetic glass or writing in important reminders with dry erase markers. You can even write down your grocery list. Or, write down the dinner menu to avoid answering the question of what will be for dinner over and over. The possibilities are endless—you can even make this the place for your chore chart with boxes for checkmarks next to each task. Customize your whiteboard with a calendar template to have an easy-to-edit family planning schedule in the area of your home that sees attention most mornings. You can use other templates or printed signage to meet whatever needs your family may have.

Study area

Glass whiteboards are very useful in study areas. You’re used to seeing a whiteboard in the classroom, why not use it in your home classroom? As we’ve already discussed, glass whiteboards are great for writing notes or tacking documents. In the study area, glass marker boards are great for brainstorming, working out a problem, drawing out a picture to illustrate a concept, or many other classroom uses.

Living room

Similarly to the kitchen, the living room may be a great place as a communication hub. Part of the reason why you don’t see too many whiteboards in living rooms is that traditional whiteboards aren’t particularly stylish. Well, glass whiteboards aren’t typical whiteboards, but rather efficient tools that also add a lot of sophistication and style to the room. Leave messages on the living room glass marker board for family members, or write a fun greeting for guests.


It may surprise you to find this area on the list. But with a variety of fun colors, finishes, and other options to choose from, a glass marker board can be a great addition to an outdoor area. Use it as a landscaping task list, gardening wish list, an outdoor party announcement board, or for a fun game of outdoor Pictionary whenever you want. The Mobile Xpress is great for this as well, as you can move this mobile whiteboard around to wherever is convenient.


Ever woken up and lost a thought because you couldn’t find a pen or writing pad fast enough? Installing a glass whiteboard in the bedroom can solve this problem. This is also great for those who may not have a home office and use their room to do work at home.

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