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Best Tools for Fashion Designers

Breaking into the fashion business can take years of vision, hard-work and working against aggressive competition. One of the best ways to give yourself a competitive advantage is to make sure you’re using the best and most effective design tools. These tools can help you minimize mistakes, cut down on creation time and capture your every idea. Every fashion designer should equip themselves with:

Fashion Dummies – Similar to manikins, a dummy provides the shape of a human’s core. Fashion dummies are a great way to help new designers understand fitting and shaping in dresses and tops. Since the dummies typically come in generic sizes, it’s always best to do a final fitting on your model or subject before sewing.

Sketchpad – A sketchpad is easily a designer’s best friend. Having a large, but portable sketchpad is extremely important for young designers, as they can take them on interviews or design sets. Many budding designers will keep a smaller sketchpad in their purse or satchel, so when they see a great idea they can draw it out and take it home.

Sewing Kit – A sewing kit is a great little tool for new designers. While a sewing machine may be the best way to sew a full outfit, having a small sewing kit handy can help in a bind. A sewing kit can help during shows or photoshoots when an outfit accidentally snags or rips. Another great use for a sewing kit is to add last minute touches on your outfit right before hitting the runway.

Patterns – Any young designer can benefit from using patterns for helping with inseams, waistlines and special sizing. While advanced designers may never touch a pattern, they may help beginners understand sizing and dimensions without having to scrap too much fabric.

Mobile Whiteboard One incredible new product for fashion designers is a mobile whiteboard. One glass whiteboard company, Clarus, makes mobile glass dry erase boards, that are up to six feet tall and have wheels that make it easy to move from room to room. These boards help you sketch with dry erase markers or even permanent markers and grease pens and you can make changes as necessary. The really great part about the mobile whiteboard is that the clear glass allows you to easily get measurements from a real model, and sketch a life-sized image of the clothing.

About Clarus Glassboards: Clarus is the leading manufacturer and innovator of glass whiteboards and glass visual display products. For more information about clear dry erase boards and our other glass architectural systems, please call 888-813-7414 or visit www.clarusglassboards.com.