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The Best Marker To Use On Your Glassboard

Whether you’re researching our products or just finished mounting your new Clarus™ glassboard, there’s one question that will inevitably come to your mind: “Which marker do I use?”. This may seem like a simple question, but once you take a walk down the marker aisle at your local office supply... Read

Spots and Dots Featured in the Interior Design Spring Tabloid

This year in the Spring Interior Design Tabloid, Clarus™ was featured for recognition of a really remarkable product: the Spots and Dots glassboard. Thinking outside traditional glassboard designs, Spots & Dots set the platform for organization, while providing playful cheer and character. Available on all Clarus products, the sharp and... Read

Clarus Glassboards Announces Investment by Bertram Capital

Bertram Capital Partners with the Glass Dry Erase Market Leader Fort Worth, TX (March 3rd, 2015) – Clarus Glassboards is excited to announce a major investment by Bertram Capital, based in San Mateo, California. The agreement with Bertram represents a sizable investment in the industry and further solidifies Clarus Glassboards’ position... Read

Clarus Glassboards Can Transform Any Office Environment

Glassboards by Clarus will revolutionize the way you communicate with associates and customers. Old fashioned whiteboards are a thing of the past. Clarus dry-erase and architectural visual display systems are receiving rave reviews from a growing list of satisfied customers. There’s simply no better way to enhance the appearance and... Read

The Most Compatible Markers for Glassboards

Whiteboards are an essential piece to any office or conference room. They are even great in homes for to do lists, shopping lists, messages and so on. Clarus Glassboards have been the next step for upgrading the office for more vivid presentability. Now, many people often wonder which markers are... Read

Clarus Featured on Late Night with Seth Meyers Instagram

A photo showing the first guests for the premiere of Late Night with Seth Meyers also included something you may recognize. The Instagram photo, posted by the official account for the show, shows the lineup written in dry erase marker on one of our glass whiteboards! Check out the photo... Read

Why You Should Never Use a Traditional Whiteboard Again

Like dial-up internet and video rental stores, traditional whiteboards will one day be a thing of the past. Not only do regular whiteboards stain and crack easily, these whiteboards are dull and limited in function compared to the possibilities. Traditional whiteboards fail to make an impression, missing out on an... Read

Part III: Your Glass Customization Options

Dry erase boards don’t just have to be a tool. The way that glass whiteboards bust this myth is that these sophisticated boards infuse any space with style using a modern yet modest design that utilizes clean lines and sleek surfaces. It’s a great way to use space effectively, as... Read

Part II: Your Glass Whiteboard Customization Options

With polished smooth edges and a sleek writing surface, glass whiteboards are hard to resist. These glass marker boards are unlike traditional whiteboards, except that they can also be used to write on with dry erase markers. While traditional whiteboards will crack and stain, glass marker boards are stain resistant... Read

Your Glass Whiteboard Customization Options

Forget traditional whiteboards that crack and stain. Throw out that bulletin board that keeps dropping sharp pins on your floor. The glass whiteboard is here. A glass marker board can be a great addition to any space, whether it’s a conference room, restaurant, kid’s play space, or wherever you may... Read

How to Design a Visually Striking Space

Are you sick of looking at an interior space and thinking it’s a little “blah”? Whether you’re looking at space in a personal home, business, or commercial area, you will have to create a striking design to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. You can follow these... Read

Your Quick and Easy Clear Dry Erase Board Installation

Looking at a beautiful and sophisticated clear dry erase board, mounted sleekly on concealed hardware, you’d never know how easy glass whiteboards can be to install. Not only do these whiteboards make a striking impression, but these durable boards last much longer than traditional whiteboards without cracking, staining, or breaking,... Read

Ways to Improve Your Space with Glass Marker Boards

Adding warmth to a space involves many different elements that you may not expect. Creating a warm environment can be a challenge for even the most seasoned interior decorators. With office space, this can be even more difficult, as you will need to create a more universal style that appeals... Read

Dry Erase Board Myths Busted with Glass Dry Erase

Forget everything you know about dry erase boards. If you think your options are limited when it comes to installing whiteboards, then you need to take a look at glass dry erase boards. These stylish glass marker boards can transform a room while regular whiteboards just blend in. Take a... Read

Infuse Any Space with Warmth Using Glass Whiteboards

Whether you’re decorating an office space or a personal living room, any comfortable space has an element of warmth. Drab and dull spaces can kill the mood of a room, keeping down the moods of employees, waiting room occupants, dinner party guests, or whoever will be using your space. To infuse... Read

Part II: Office Decorating Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve been looking at some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when decorating or updating an office environment. Office decorating can be tricky, as the style must match a wide variety of tastes without feeling too drab. Offices should be clean and simple, but still show off the business’s... Read

Office Decorating Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most difficult types of spaces to decorate is the office space. In an office, you don’t want the décor to be too distracting, or too extreme in terms of style. You’ll want a subtle design that appeals to a wide range of tastes, but still has character... Read

The Healthboard: Glass Dry Erase Boards in Healthcare Setting

One of the busiest types of workplaces is the medical office or clinic. With so much paperwork, processing, records, patient interactions, and administration tasks, these spaces are prone to problems with communication and organization. There are certain qualities medical clinics must look for in tools to meet these needs. A great... Read

Glass Dry Erase Boards: Functional, Durable, Stylish

One of the great advantages of a glass whiteboard is the durability. After installing your clear dry erase board, you can feel confident that the board will last as long as the wall it’s mounted on. With sleek glass whiteboards, you don’t have to worry about the kind of cracking,... Read

Unexpected and Fun Ways to Use Decorative Glass Whiteboards

Decorative glass whiteboards make a great addition to any office, spicing up meeting rooms, reception areas, and other work spaces with sophisticated style. These beautiful boards can be written on with dry erase markers and come in a variety of sizes and colors, creating many design possibilities along with the... Read

Part II: Make Meetings Fun with Glass Marker Boards

In a satisfying, efficient work environment, meetings can be fun and effective rather than boring and drawn out. While this also depends on how your employees work together, the meeting environment can actually be huge factor when it comes to the nature of meetings. In a drab meeting room with... Read

Make Meetings Fun with Glass Marker Boards

In the workplace, calling a meeting can be met with either excitement or sighs of boredom depending on your work environment. One of the key ways to keep meetings exciting is to maintain an energetic work atmosphere in meetings. Don’t think that this only depends on employee attitudes—you may be... Read

Furniture Meets Glass: Options With a Clear Dry Erase Board

Glass has become a go-to material when designing spaces for a modern and sophisticated look. , whether you’re coordinating glass with furniture or just adding a striking piece to a wall. One of the great features of clear dry erase boards is that you can add decorative glass, with signage or... Read

The Elements of Modern Design

With both homes and commercial buildings, a modern design is becoming more and more popular. Businesses often go for that sophisticated futuristic look to illustrate their technological or otherwise edgy nature, and personal modern homes offer a living space full of simple style. Minimalism When you walk into a modernly designed... Read

Why regular whiteboards don’t make the cut

As traditional whiteboards take over chalk boards as the preferred writing board, one must think about what’s the next big thing for drawing and pinning boards. While basic whiteboards are cleaner than chalk boards, there are still quite a few drawbacks, primarily in the areas of quality, durability, and style. Anyone... Read

How glass whiteboards can give your students an edge

It’s that time of year again—back to school. This is a hectic time of year for students, teachers, and parents. For parents, you’ve got to load the kids up and hunt for school supplies, get organized, make lunches again, and send them off. For teachers, you’ve got to organize and... Read

The challenge of office gift exchanges

One of the most difficult gifts to buy is for someone that you work with. Whether it is your co-worker, boss, or employee that you manage, you may not know a whole lot about what they like outside of work, or the nature of the gift—office supply, or something that... Read

Interior design trends: “The Float”

Float glass is a type of glass made to look more flat and uniform in size, and is often used in current residential and commercial building products. Interior designers and architects, however, have been inspired by the glass’s qualities to create a suspended “float” look in a variety of types... Read

For kids: Fun projects with a glass marker board

Back in elementary math class, nothing was more exciting than getting to use the whiteboards. Sure, they were old, cracked, and stained, but they were fun to write on. With beautiful and durable glass whiteboards, however, kids get all the fun of whiteboards while you can enjoy the modern and... Read

Three tips for eliminating clutter in your home or office

One of the biggest problems with managing space in the home, office, classroom, or other areas is organization and clutter, which go hand and hand. It’s difficult to be efficient in an office or happy in your home if clutter is always getting in your way. 1. Identify problem areas The first... Read

Part II: Interior design tips for glass dry erase boards

We’ve been taking a look at some expert office interior decorating tips. Decorating an office space isn’t just about what looks nice. You’ve got to make an efficient and pleasant environment for your employees, and also a stylish one to impress visitors. A few more tips to get your office... Read

The experts weigh in: Office interior design tips

A well designed office will be the perfect mix of style and function. Office space interior design is very different from interior design in the personal home, as your space must be designed to work efficiently as the first priority. Office space interior design is all about coordinating style with... Read

What you didn’t know you could do with clear dry erase boards

At Clarus, the customization options for your glass whiteboard are endless. You can customize with magnetic glass, which will allow you to tack items to your board magnetically. You can order your glass marker board in a variety of colors and finishes. You can customize your size for uniquely shaped... Read

Part II: What makes a glass whiteboard different

Before you get that traditional whiteboard, you should take a minute to consider your options first. Whiteboards are helpful tools, but they are often made cheaply and stain easily. Even if it stays relatively clean, it is rare that a standard whiteboard actually adds to a space stylistically. You should consider... Read

What makes a glass whiteboard different

Everyone knows the usefulness of the whiteboard, but not many people know that there is a different type of whiteboard with all the functionality of traditional whiteboards, plus some nice bonuses. Durable glass whiteboards can be used to write and erase with glass markers just like the dull whiteboards you... Read

How to spice up a neutral space

A room with a neutral color or style does not have to be boring. In fact, neutral spaces can play an essential role in interior design—neutrality can balance out bold elements, appeal to a wide variety of tastes, or do both at the same time. This is why this template... Read

Office efficiency weak spots

Just because an office has a clean, busy communal space does not mean that the office is efficient overall. Many offices focus on the efficiency of these main larger areas, such as a cubicle area or reception area, and overlook other areas that are necessary when it comes to office... Read

The elements of room functionality

Every interior designer or other “space” specialist can tell you how important it is to design a room for function. If you’re not getting intended use out of a room, then it’s likely you have a common function issue. There are certain elements that make for a great productive space: Organization Even... Read

Don’t be guilty of these office decorating faux pas

Office decoration is a subtle art. You’ve got to create a pleasant workspace that is aesthetically pleasing while appealing to a large variety of tastes, but still doesn’t distract too much from the actual business. It can be easy to overlook some aspects that stand out to visitors—try to avoid... Read

Why you don’t want to be caught using traditional whiteboards

Odds are, the last time you saw a dry erase board, you either barely noticed or did not notice at all. Those actually notice these increasingly common fixtures often observe that the whiteboard is dirty, in bad shape, or just doesn’t look nice. But more often these whiteboards leave no... Read

The Uses of a Glass Whiteboard at Home

Dry erase boards are common fixtures in workplaces and classrooms, but a glass whiteboard can be a useful tool in the home as well. The dynamics of a family requires a lot of communication and organization, so you will never run out of uses for a clear dry erase board.... Read

Glass Whiteboard Options that will Surprise You

The whiteboard is such a common fixture in workplaces, schools, homes, and other venues that one doesn’t think twice about spotting the standard white rectangle that could use a thorough cleaning. But what if you had the option to install a dry erase board that requires a double take? There... Read

More tips on impressing clients with your office space

This month, we’ve been taking a look at a prospective or current client’s impressions as they walk through your office area. As much as you’d like it to be all about business, a client’s impression of your work area factors in to their feelings about working with you. They will... Read

What clients notice passing through your office

You’ve got a big meeting with a prospective client, and the meeting room is all ready. You have made sure the meeting room is clean, the documents have been organized, and you’re ready to make a good impression. However, your client may get a look at other areas of the... Read

Four office problems solved with a clear dry erase board

Decorating and organizing the office can be tricky. With so many different individuals using a space, it can be difficult to match the needs of everyone and every room. Take a look at how a clear dry erase board can help solve these common office problems: 1. Too many signs or... Read

Fun projects with a glass dry erase board

Installing a glass whiteboard can add a sophisticated sense of style and flexible utility to a wide range of spaces. Whether you have a glass dry erase board at home, the classroom, or in the office, there are many ways you can use it. Whether you are looking for arts... Read

Four diverse areas, one glass whiteboard

Glass whiteboards are such useful tools that they can be used for a variety of situations. These boards will add sophisticated and clean style to any space, but also a lot of utility. Check out these four very different situations that you won’t believe can all use glass whiteboards: Parties I bet... Read

Transform overlooked office areas with a glass whiteboard

Office decoration has a reputation for being plain and boring. But while it must be professional and clean looking, it does not have to be boring. Installing a glass whiteboard in these areas can transform a plain, dull space into an energetic and exciting one. Take a look at what... Read

Part II: Tips for office decorating

We've been counting down some great office decorating tips. Office space can be one of the most difficult spaces to decorate due to its need for a style with character yet simplicity so that it still appeals to a wide range of people while making an impression. Keep in mind... Read

Tips for office decorating

Office space is a difficult area to decorate. With homes and personal space, you can be free to decorate according to your own individual style without necessarily thinking of how others may feel about it. However, with office space, you still want to create a sense of style and character... Read

The advantages of laminated glass

Glass whiteboards are a great way to add a modern, sophisticated feel to any room while adding a functional communication device to a work or home setting. There are many ways to customize your glass whiteboard, including using laminated glass results in a safer and sturdier product. Laminating glass is... Read

How restaurants & other spaces benefit from glass whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are great for office collaboration, but there are many other types of spaces they can benefit. Use them for waiting rooms, classrooms, or even nightlife venues—give your bar or restaurant a unique and modern feel by transforming your space with glass whiteboards. Sophisticated signage Glass whiteboards can be custom made... Read

Design ideas brought to you by back painted glass

A glass whiteboard can make over any space into a smarter, sleeker version of itself. But installing a glass dry erase board with customized back painted glass takes it up a notch. Back painted glass means that you can add color and a variety of effects to your space with... Read

Part II: Transform unique spaces with a glass dry erase board

Unique spaces have unique needs. It can often be difficult to decorate these spaces or install equipment such as whiteboards for communication and other needs. However, Clarus glass whiteboards come in a variety of options to fit even the most difficult spaces to outfit. Some of the creative options of... Read

Transform unique spaces with a glass dry erase board

Every business is looking for opportunities to reflect their sophistication and innovation. Installing a glass dry erase board can give you just that—transforming any dull office space into a modern, forward-looking space. You can mount your glass whiteboard on a meeting room wall, office wall, entry space or many other... Read

Revolutionize family organization with clear dry erase board

No household is immune to the mess of family chaos. Kids make things messy, both with the applesauce they get all over the table and their hectic schedules. Even with one child, it can be difficult to keep track of their schedule—school events, sport practices and games, play dates—without some... Read

The advantages of a magnetic glass whiteboard

One stylish feature available with glass whiteboards is a magnetic glass surface. This allows users to tack documents to the glass whiteboard’s surface without damaging the board or the wall behind it. There are many great uses for magnetic glass dry erase boards. Magnetic glass is excellent for communicating within an... Read

Your glass marker board options

Glass marker boards offer a creative way to add a functional yet sleek touch to your office, business, classroom, or home. You can write on a glass marker board just the same way as traditional whiteboards except glass whiteboards are more durable and maintain a cleaner surface. Plus, the look... Read

How glass whiteboards can benefit different workspaces

A work-space is often reflective of the thinkers that utilize it—a cluttered, boring, or outdated work-space may encourage similar thinking. Employers are starting to realize that creating a pleasant and fun space improves worker satisfaction and function. One tool that can transform an entire room is the glass whiteboard, a... Read

Choosing your Glass Whiteboard

Choosing a glass whiteboard can be tricky; there are tons of companies to choose from, different kinds of boards, styles, and sizes. Where would you even begin? Choosing your best board starts with researching, figuring out your company or family needs and comparing your options. Here are just a few... Read

Glass Tables, Decorative Glass and Glassboards

Glass Whiteboards are quickly becoming one of the best products on the market; they’re extremely durable, they don’t ghost or stain and last for years longer than traditional white and chalk boards. Not only are they a great product for your walls, but glassboards have begun to have all kinds... Read

Glass Whiteboards for the Home

The whiteboard quickly became one of the most useful and effective tools for communicating in an office or classroom. What many people don’t realize is that they can use these great tools to improve communication around their homes. The following are some great ways to make a whiteboard work for... Read

Glassboards for the Hospital

Hospitals have long used whiteboards for patient rooms, nurse stations and critical care areas to make sure the staff, patient and patient’s family were all on the same page. While whiteboards can become worn and used in a few short years, there is a new product out for hospitals that... Read

Glass Whiteboards and Dry Erase Markers

Glass whiteboards are hands down the best way to go when it comes to boards; we've evolved from the messy chalk boards to the innovative whiteboards and now to the seemingly dream-like glassboards. They're essentially the perfect board; they're environmentally friendly, they are easy to clean, they look great in... Read

Glass Whiteboard Demonstration

Glass whiteboards are a great product, but you’ve heard us say that a million times. What most people want before they make an important purchase is to actually see how the board will work under the pressures of an office, classroom or household. Things like stray footballs being tossed on... Read

Not All Glassboards are Created Equal

Glass whiteboards are the newest and most popular boards on the market. They’re durable, modern, easy to clean and very chic. Like any product that outshines its competition there are going to be imposters. That’s right, not all glass whiteboards are created equal. There are plenty of DIYers trying to... Read

Why a Magnetic Glass Whiteboard?

Glass whiteboards are quickly becoming the best whiteboards on the market; they’re made from a high-quality, tempered glass and are both easily to clean and virtually unbreakable. Glass whiteboards can actually last a lifetime if you take care of them, which you could never say about a traditional whiteboard that... Read

Why is a Glassboard so much Cleaner?

Glass whiteboards are the best product on the line for a number of reasons; not only are they one of the most durable boards you can find, but they are also sleek and modern looking and they are incredibly easy to clean and keep clean. While traditional whiteboards will also... Read

Cool Uses for Glassboards

Glass whiteboards have absolutely become the whiteboards of the future; they’re durable, they’re easy to clean and they can virtually last forever. While glassboards have become the newest staple in any organized home or office, these boards have many more functions than being mere presentation and scheduling boards. If you... Read

Time to Buy a Glassboard?

Glass whiteboards are the boards of the future; they’re easy to clean, they’re environmentally responsible, and they’re virtually unbreakable. We all know that glass whiteboards are the superior products on the market, but it’s hard to know when it’s time to toss the whiteboard and upgrade to the better glassboard.... Read

Glass Whiteboards for Children

Whiteboards have long been used for teaching children of all ages; first came the blackboard in the little schoolhouse, then the whiteboard revolutionized the education system, but now we’ve got something even better; a glass whiteboard. Glass whiteboards are the cutting edge board for teaching, presenting and organizing your home.... Read

Glass Dry Erase Markers and Boards

Deciding to purchase a board for your home, office or classroom can be a big decision; how much should you spend? What quality of board do you need? What kinds of markers and accessories will you want? These are all very important questions to ask yourself before buying, and if... Read

Why Do Glass Whiteboards Look Great in Any Office?

Glass whiteboards are one of the greatest tools for homes, classrooms and offices. They look clean and fresh, they are easy to work with and they add a sense of style and class to your room. These boards can be used as a full wall-sized organization chart, a mini pop... Read

Benefits of Buying Glass Whiteboards

Owning a glass whiteboard can be one of the best decisions you make for your company, but like any investment, you want to make sure you’ll reap the benefits of your purchase. We already know that glass whiteboards look great in homes, classrooms and offices and we’ve written about their... Read

How Strong are Glass Whiteboards?

Glass whiteboards are one of the most innovative products on the market today; they’re sleek, easy to clean, and offer a great surface for dry erase markers, permanent markers, grease pens and even paint! Glassboards are made with tempered glass, which is typically strengthened up to ten times the strength... Read

Learn about magnetic boards made of glass

Glassboards are one of the best products on the market right now; they’re easy to clean, they have a great, modern look, and they never stain or streak. One of the best things about a glassboard is that you could actually buy a magnetic glassboard, which is a great tool... Read

Decorative Laminated Glass

Glassboards are already your best choice for an office, classroom, hospital or home; they’re easy to clean, incredibly durable and last virtually as long as you do. Using a tempered glass board and dry erase markers is one of the healthiest, greenest, cost-effective ways to keep your office looking modern... Read

Part II: Who Benefits from Glass Whiteboards

Hospital Administrators and Office Assistants - Glass whiteboards are a great tool for organizing staff schedules and keeping meetings quick and painless. One of our biggest customers tend to be hospitals, who love the how glassboards are incredibly durable, easy to clean and are a much cleaner, safer board than... Read

Part I: Who Benefits from Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are a great tool for various creative offices, organized hospitals and teaching and training institutions for a number of reasons; they’re durable, easy to clean and virtually impossible to stain or ruin. These boards can have a lifespan that outlives your current business ventures, or even you! These... Read

Glassboards Are The Future

Glassboards are one of the greatest products on the line for any office, home, or school. We’ve discussed the various ways a company can benefit from a glassboard, and the various industries and professions that love our boards. While these boards seem to be on the cutting edge enough as... Read

Why Buy a Glassboard?

If you’re a office supply junkie, you’ve probably heard about the glass whiteboard. If you know about the glass whiteboard, then you know this article is more of a “Why Shouldn’t I Buy a Glassboard?” because it’s almost a no-brainer. For those of you less interested in office products, we’ll... Read

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Christmas is here, and for the slackers of the group, it’s a very good reminder that Christmas day tends to mean dinners, parties and presents for the friends and family. Many families enjoy sharing the holidays together and will forgo the present exchange altogether. For those other gatherings, however, you... Read

New Year, new office

With the New Year approaching, many companies are excited to hit the ground running; to make 2013 their best year yet. As the economy starts to show improvement, business owners are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are reinvesting into their growing businesses more than ever.... Read

What to Buy the Business Owner Who Has Everything

So you’re looking for all the right gifts for all the right people in your life, but there’s always that one person that seems to have everything they need. It may be your boss, your brother, or your great uncle, but they own their own business and they have everything... Read

Part II: Glass Dry Erase Board Questions

How long will a glassboard last? - How long would you like to keep it? Glassboards last for decades, since they never run the risk of being stained, like a traditional whiteboard. Most traditional whiteboards wipe clean very easily for the first few years, then, no matter what cleaning products... Read

Part I : Glass Dry Erase Board Questions

Glass dry erase boards are one of the best boards on the market; they’re durable and long-lasting and they never stain or streak like traditional whiteboards. Since they’re virtually indestructible, these boards can last a lifetime. Since they’re still a fairly new product, we still get all kinds of questions... Read

Why is a Glass Whiteboard a Better Choice?

Glass whiteboards are gaining popularity quite quickly in the business world; they’re a durable and easy-to-clean version of the whiteboards that we’ve come to know and love. Not only does the glass give a sleek and new-looking finish to the boards, it’s opacity gives us plenty of fun ways to... Read

Laminated and Tempered Glass

Laminated and tempered glasses are two of the best glass products available on the market. Glass has always been a great product for cars, windows, house wares; almost every industry has benefitted from the glass products. Luckily, we’ve made some great advancements to glass in the past few decades, ranging... Read

What is a Back Painted Glass Whiteboard?

A back painted piece of glass is simply a piece of opaque glass that has been painted on one side and viewed from the other. Back painted glass gives the effect of a high glaze over any color or pattern you’re looking to create. While back painted glass may sound... Read

Glassboards of the Future

Glass whiteboards have been slowly been taking over the market, and many industries are beginning to rely on them as the standard for whiteboard cleanliness, durability and style. Glassboards are quickly replacing the traditional whiteboard, which were the cutting-edge product just 20 years ago. Whiteboards are made from various kinds... Read

Glass Markers for Glassboards

We’ve come a long way in teaching boards; from the chalky mess of blackboards, to the innovative but stainable whiteboard, and now onto the most cost-effective and modern board available; the glass board. While we’ve already written about the magic of a glass whiteboard; how it never stains or ghosts,... Read

Decorative Glass – Office Glassboards

It’s no secret that the economy has stifled many businesses unnecessary spending. In some ways, the businesses that learned how to survive have actually come out a more streamlined organization, since they were forced to cut the fat out of their monthly budgets. In other ways, however, cutting spending has... Read

Furniture Glass

Furnishing an office with all the necessary items, while keeping it streamlined and professional looking can be quite a challenge. Many offices go overboard with floor to ceiling whiteboards, filing cabinets and closets full of disorganized and forgotten paperwork. There’s a delicate balance between keeping your office organized and making... Read

The Glassboard Float

Glassboards are one of the most modern whiteboards on the market; they are sleek and fresh looking, and provide a clean, eco-friendly option for offices, hospitals and universities. One of the best features of the glassboard float is that the board shows no sign of bolts, standoffs or any other... Read

How easy is it to clean a Glassboard?

Glass whiteboards are the newest and best products on the market for a number of reasons; they’re easy to clean, they never stain or streak, and they’re virtually indestructible. Well, we’ve said time and time before that glass whiteboards are easy to clean, but what exactly can a glass whiteboard... Read

Is a Glass Whiteboard Right for My Company?

Glass whiteboards are one of the best tools you can invest in for the office; they’re durable, they’re easy to clean and they never streak or stain. Glass whiteboards are quickly becoming the most boards in every office, classroom and even home. So if you’ve been looking into glass whiteboards... Read

Why Use an Interactive Glassboard for Training Courses

Training new employees can be an exhausting, but rewarding experience. Many companies who train new employees see a drastic difference in terms of understanding, immersion and performance as opposed to companies that do not. Companies that pay for their employees to train tend to have more successful retention rates, and... Read

What is a Glass Whiteboard?

Unless you’ve never stepped foot into a classroom or office building in the past thirty years, you’re probably well aware of what a traditional whiteboard looks like. The glossy dry erase boards quickly replaced the need for dirty, messy chalkboards and quickly blackboards a thing of the past. A whiteboard... Read

Best whiteboards for offices

Whiteboards have become a staple for not only classrooms and homes, but office spaces alike. Their durability, longevity and sleek look can turn a boring office into a productive and useful workspace. When it comes to whiteboards though, you have plenty of options. So how do you know which board... Read

Why Do Hospitals Use Glass Whiteboards?

We discussed the importance in hospitals using whiteboards; be they traditional or glass, to help facilitate great communication between patients and staff, and a way to organize the almost always chaotic work weeks for administrators. Whiteboards are greatly helpful in almost every way in a hospital setting, since many nurses... Read