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Can you break a Glass Whiteboard?

Glass whiteboards are one of the best new products on the market for classrooms, offices and even homes. Glass whiteboards offer the same sleek surface that a traditional board does, but it will never stain, streak or ghost like a traditional whiteboard. For this reason, these boards nearly ever need to be replaced.

One of the biggest questions we find ourselves answering is “can you break a glass whiteboard?” It seems like a total possibility, since “glass” is synonymous with “breaking” or “shattering.” Our best answer is that it would take just about the force of a sledge hammer to really do any damage to these boards. Why? Because our glass whiteboards are made with tempered glass, which is strengthened in an extensive heating, cooling and chemical process. Tempered glass is up to ten times stronger than regular glass, and even if you can shatter it, it crumbles into small, rounded pebbles instead of large, dangerous shards.

To illustrate just how strong these boards are, we decided to put them to the test in what we called the “Throwing, Chucking, Hurling, Tossing, Pitching, Heaving” Challenge, where we, yes, threw, chucked, hurled, tossed, pitched and heaved various heavy, large objects at the board to test their strength and durability. We threw hammers, footballs, golf balls, two by four pieces of wood, steel and aluminum pipes at the boards from a close range to see if anything could actually damage the boards. Luckily (and coincidentally), we were right! Not a single item even cracked the tough glass. We’ve even had employees do pull-ups on the boards to show not only how durable the glass itself is, but how sturdy the wall mounts are as well.

So if these boards are both virtually indestructible how do traditional whiteboards even compare? Laminated glass whiteboards will pretty much last the life of the wall. You could very well be passing these boards on through generations of use, whereas a traditional whiteboard gets about five to ten years of use depending on how frequently you use it and clean it. Traditional whiteboards are also made of pressboard and coated in chemicals, which is anything but environmentally friendly. The only draw is that some traditional whiteboards are inexpensive, which is appealing to certain customers.

Hospitals, Universities and grade schools have all recognized that they’re getting what they pay for in terms of quality, and since they all need boards that last, have been turning to glass whiteboards to save the day!

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