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How DealerSocket Came To Choose Clarus Glassboards

Any successful business leader will tell you that a functional work space is critical for creative collaboration. The installation of writing surfaces can be a key component in this regard. It must be said, though, that not all writing surfaces are created equal. Matt Redden at DealerSocket found this out the hard way. After several failed attempts to find a viable write-on surface, Redden and the staff at DealerSocket gave Clarus Glassboards a try, and they haven’t looked back since.

DealerSocket began their foray into the world of write-on surfaces with whiteboard paint. They painted several walls and began using them regularly. After several uses, they noticed that it was difficult to completely erase the ink. Previous illustrations blurred together, and it made the surface incredibly dingy and difficult to use.

Eventually, the team at DealerSocket re-painted the walls with an additional coat of whiteboard paint. At this point, they realized that the surface of the wall was uneven, so they hired someone to sand it down before repainting the wall once more. When they began running into the same problems again, they started to look at the financial cost of their efforts. Simply put, re-painting the walls this often was not sustainable.

DealerSocket then looked at whiteboards that could be fixed to the walls. Despite claims of “no smearing” and “easy-to-erase surfaces,” the team at DealerSocket ran into many of the same problems that they did with the whiteboard paint. It was difficult to completely erase the ink, and ghost illustrations covered the surface of the whiteboard.

Eventually, DealerSocket decided to try Clarus Glassboards for their write-on surface needs. The team noticed several differences immediately. For one, it was no longer necessary to search for an industrial strength cleaning solution to erase the ink. In fact, they found that they could erase the ink without a cleaning solution. What’s more, there were no ghost illustrations left over. They noticed that the Clarus Glassboard retained a polished, clean look regardless of how many times it was used.

Matt Redden pointed out another asset of Clarus Glassboards. Their sleek design and permanently clean look enhance the office environment. Whether he is receiving clients or fellow employees in his office, the Clarus Glassboard stands out. It sends a message: this is an innovative workspace. “Clean” and “functional” are not just buzzwords. They represent the future of business. Clarus Glassboards embody these principles.

The business world is constantly evolving. However, change is not limited to products and customer relations. The workspace itself is moving forward. Antiquated write-on surfaces no longer have a place in the modern office when there are innovative products like the Clarus Glassboard.