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The All-In-One Visual Display
System for Education
Designed for the Way You Teach™

empowerED™ is the advanced visual communications display system that transforms any classroom into a flexible educational space for the next generation of thinkers, doers, creators and leaders. This modular platform offers multiple functions in one single system, allowing teachers the freedom to configure their teaching environment.

The Power of Flexibility

Introducing the Portable Snap Fit™ board.* This revolutionary product puts the power back in the hands of teachers and students by converting from a sliding wall glass board to a free-standing and portable easel. Teachers now have the perfect tool for collaboration and breakout groups. With Portable Snap Fit™ you can ensure equal participation and accountability for today’s learning protocols.

Portable. Lightweight. Safe.

The A-frame ultra-thin glass boards utilize the Portable Snap Fit™* system and can be used on the wall, moved around and in between classrooms, or in the hands of the student. When you no longer need it to be portable, it easily snaps back onto the wall, consolidating space in the classroom. Additionally, our patented, ergonomic system has safety features built into the design.

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*Patent pending
Writable & Projectable

empowerED™ is the first ultra-thin glass visual display system that gives educators the freedom to project and write at the same time. Our innovative design offers multiple functions in one single system – writable, projectable, flexible and portable, lightweight & ergonomic, magnetic, tackable and configurable.

Compatible & Durable

empowerED™ fits with any new or existing classroom. No more dirty boards with ultra-thin glass as it never stains or ghosts. Our system is compatible with all projection technology, eliminating the need for time-consuming new trainings for teachers and facilities personnel.

& Ergonomic

The Portable Snap Fit™ Board is movable and lightweight. It effortlessly snaps in and out of place using the patent-pending rail system. empowerED™ is designed by leading industrial engineers to ensure students and teachers work comfortably, safely, and efficiently.

Health & Safety

Our patented, ergonomic system has safety features built into the design and engineering, meaning students and teachers alike can take advantage of the simplicity and protection Our ultra-thin glass goes through a tempering process, which adds strength and durability alleviating the fear of shattering. Glass is also very easy to clean and disinfect, which reduces germs in the school environment.

Premium & Affordable

empowerED™ is the first cost-competitive premium ultra-thin glass product designed for any learning environment. School districts will realize first-cost savings by eliminating the need for other miscellaneous products, and long-term cost of ownership with add-on elements that enhance the overall user experience.

The Freedom to Choose

No need for a full system? We’ve got you covered!

We give you the power to choose exactly what you want and need for your unique classroom.

Check out our individual product offerings!

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Configuration Dimensions
Check out all of our configurations for the empowerED™ visual communication system. Customize your system the way that works best for YOUR classroom.

  • Low-iron, non-porous, lightweight, projectable glass
  • Dimensions: 4'x4', 4'x6', 4'x8'
  • Weight: Approx. 3.16 lbs./sqft.
  • Ultra-thin glass
  • Non-magnetic
  • Corner Safety Guards for impact reduction
  • Dimensions: 48"x30"
  • Legs: Gray powder coated aluminum
  • Dimensions: 4'x4'
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: Approx. 40 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 4'x4'
  • Color: Heathered Gray
  • Weight: Approx. 16 lbs.
  • All wall glass boards are magnetic
  • Anodized aluminum
  • 3/8" Gray ABS
  • The empowerED™ Visual Display System is available for 2-day Quick Ship.*
  • *Large quantity orders based on inventory availability.
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