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How to Get Organized in 2013

Getting your home or office organized for the New Year may sound like a simple resolution, but it means many different things to different people. Getting organized can mean keeping your car in order, getting your house back into move-in shape, organizing your finances for tax season or keeping yourself on track at work. However you’ve decided to get organized, you’ll need a starting point; a clean sweep of your old lifestyle before you can implement real change. Here are just a few ways to get on top of your 2013 organizing:

Car trash can – One of the easiest ways for you to keep your car in shape is to buy a car trash can or bag. These trash bags hang nicely behind your car seat and help to hide the clutter in your car until you reach your destination. Psychologically, when a space is clean, you have more motivation to keep it clean, so even an energy bar wrapper here and a straw laying there can give you permission to let the vehicle go.

Hard files and financial software – Getting your finances in order is easier than ever with all the newest software. You can use an accounting spreadsheet, a free online banking management website, or even keep a personal record on your computer. If you’re an old-fashioned kind of personal accountant, make sure you have files and supplies to help you organize your receipts, invoices and statements.

Filing cabinet or storage space – Keeping your home and office in order requires a dedicated space for files and important documents. Carve out a space in your home or office and find a small filing cabinet, large Tupperware box or organizer baskets to keep everything tidy.

Purse organizer – Women tend to have a hard time keeping their purse in shape, since they can carry everything from their wallets, gum, makeup, floss, hand sanitizer—you name it. This makes their purse a high-traffic organizer and when you’re using something on an hourly basis, it can easily fall into disarray. Try a purse organizer that you can move from one purse to the next, it gives designated pockets for each of your items and you can change purses with ease.

Glass whiteboard – We all know Americans live fast; fast cars, fast lives, and even fast food. With such a hectic daily life it’s easy to forget little events and “to dos.” Glass markers and whiteboards are the perfect tool for the busy family, crazy office or disorganized classroom. These boards are modern and visually unobtrusive and can blend into any setting, while standing out just enough to jog your memory.

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