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The Showroom at a Glance

In the beginning, we wowed the industry with our hidden hardware and “floating” glassboards. Now, 10 years later, the glassboard revolution is in full swing.

See 10 years in 58 seconds

From our patented Flex™ Mobiles, to our wall-mounted, custom shapes, and projectable glassboards – Clarus brings color to life with beautiful, vibrant hues and high definition prints. Come experience 10 years of design innovation on Clarus glass at the MART.

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Showroom Wall2wall
Mart Page Overview
Mart Page Colors
Flex Martpage

Flex™ Mobile

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Mobileacoustic Martpage

Acoustic go! Mobile™

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Glide Martpage


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Final Night


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Wall2wall Martpage


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Mask Group 3

go! Mobile™

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Check out this year’s showroom:

Our friends at Google hooked us up with an interactive tour of the Mart Showroom.

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