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Why Use an Interactive Magnetic Glass Board?

Interactive whiteboards are some of the most technologically advanced learning tools used in the 21st century. These boards interface with a computer, allowing teachers to display and manipulate images on their boards for the entire class to see. Instructors can also use their finger as a mouse, and add notations using a pen or highlighter. So how are these boards quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to teach in a classroom?

Accommodates Various Learning Styles – Since these boards are so interactive, each “type” of learner can learn in their own way. A tactile learner can participate in the front of the class by touching the board, audio learners will benefit mostly from the group discussion and lectures themselves, and visual learners will enjoy the detailed graphics and better retain the images.

More Visually Stimulating – The interactive whiteboard is very colorful and can be as animated as the instructor chooses. They even make glass interactive whiteboards, which amplify and perfect the projection light. Students tend to respond well to colors in presentations and it will definitely hold their attention longer than the typical black marker on a plain white board. Opting for a glassboard also offers you the option of a magnetic surface, allowing your board to become even more interactive for students.

Great for Study Material – Many instructors will print off pages of blank PowerPoints for their students to use and to follow the discussion. While this is one way of helping students retain the information they learned, visual learners will do much better seeing the exact notes that were taken. These boards are great, since you can save and even print each slide for students or colleagues.

Boards Look Clean and Professional – Unfortunately, with budget cuts, most schools aren’t looking at their most clean and professional looking options, but these boards can help turn a classroom into a concentrated learning room. You have no worry of chalk dust or streaked or stained boards, since a magnetic glass board will wipe down completely after each use.

Great for Distance Learning – The world is shifting towards distance learning, which enables learners to have hundreds of education opportunities they may not have had just a few years ago. Interactive whiteboards are a great tool for distance learning, since you can connect users from around the country, without needing an expensive video camera and IT crew to record and document your every move.

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