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The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is really important to us. Whether you’re a healthcare worker or government employee fighting the COVID-19 virus on the frontlines, or a WFH warrior looking to enhance your creativity and productivity, we are here to help.

The ultimate productivity canvas

  • 250,000 +

    customization combinations

  • 10,742 (and counting)

    Clarus™ family members world-wide

  • 3x Cleaner

    than traditional whiteboards

    Proven by science, used in healthcare.

  • Lifespan

    lasts the life of your wall

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A range of beautiful, innovative products

With Clarus, the only limit is your creativity.
Design yours
Home Floatqtr

Float™ + Depth

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Glide Product 960×540


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Clarus Go! Mobile Timber Base And Caster

go! Mobile™

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Visually Stunning

That’s how clients describe our products. Why? Because we care about the details.
Every glass whiteboard, every crate, every sample, every single phone call, and customer quote. It all matters.
We take pride in our craft of glass boards, in putting in the time because it brings your ideas to life. If you’re looking for a glass dry erase board, Clarus is here to help spark innovation and creativity.


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The conversational podcast keeping you up-to-date on all the relevant trends, pro tips, and practical how-to’s you need in today’s dynamic, fast-paced world of business.

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Brands made better by Clarus Glass Boards

Is your space next? We don’t want to be liked, we need to be loved by our customers! Our glass whiteboard products are innovative, versatile, and practical, serving as the perfect tool for your classroom, boardroom, or office.

Clarus in action

What if?

Clarus took a chance, stepped out on a ledge, and the rest is history…

Clarus glass. Clarus people.

Raising the bar takes a lot of work. We enjoy the ride.

Meet the team

The difference with Clarus Glass Dry Erase Boards

At Clarus, quality is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond the traditional whiteboard and created a dry erase board that truly surpasses its competition. With sleek tempered glass, a frameless design, and a polished edge, each of our glass whiteboard products has been engineered with all the best features.

Our award-winning glass whiteboards have been fully designed with you in mind. These tools are designed to help spark innovation, drive creativity, and boost productivity to soaring new heights. Our modern approach to the glass board provides a minimalist design, polished edge, and seamless wall attachment that serves as the perfect writing surface.

If you’re looking to create a custom glass whiteboard with tempered glass, a minimalist glass surface, and a beautiful design, our glass marker board collection is exactly what you need. Browse our glass board collection today to find the perfect piece for your wall.

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