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Create a striking and equally useful art piece that captivates your space. Flip is a hybrid glassboard and acoustic panel installation that transforms with your minute-by-minute needs.

Reduce Office Noise

Enjoy a quieter workspace. Clarus™ felt absorbs up to 85% of the office chatter nobody likes to hear.

Truly Customizable

Build the perfect Flip. Customize your glass color, frame color, acoustic panel color and style.


Build your Flip

Acoustic Panel : Color

Browse our collection of 14 expertly selected acoustic panel colors.

Acoustic panels are made from 100% recycled materials and products. Clarus felt is tackable, the perfect surface to hang items on. These panels absorb up to 85% of office noise.

  • White
  • Silver Gray
  • Light Gray
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Ivory
  • Medium Gray
  • Royal Blue
  • Beige

Acoustic Panel : Style

Select from five styles of Clarus felt.


Build your Flip

  • Triangle Grid
  • Bow Ties
  • Crescents
  • Square-Tangle
  • Vertical Stack
Over 150 Unique Clarus Colors

Customize your Flip with any glass color to match your unique branding with Colors by Clarus, or provide your own custom color match. Clarus has the tightest color accuracy tolerances in the entire industry!


Our proprietary glass printing technology allows us to print any graphics in stunning full color. With ColorDrop, you’re not limited to just logos and text. Your designs will look amazing on a Clarus glassboard!


Choose the perfect finish for your Flip.


Build your Flip

  • White
  • Satin Silver
  • Yellow Sun
  • Big Orange
  • Energetic Red
  • Personable Purple
  • True Blue
  • Kelly Green
  • Gun Metal
  • Jet Black
  • Metallic Brass
  • Metallic Bronze
  • Metallic Gray

Flip always fits your space.

Each Flip panel is 48″ tall x 23.375″ wide, with a total footprint width of 46.75″. Customize your Flip design with the right number of panels for your application.


Build your Flip

Clarus Glass

  • 5/32″ Clarus tempered safety writing glass
  • Non-staining writing surface
  • Compatible with any marker, even permanent
  • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish and eased corners for safety

Colors & Printing

Colors by Clarus

  • Over 150 standard colors and unlimited custom match colors available


  • Custom logos, patterns, and artwork printing available

Frame Finishes

  • 13 beautiful, richly finished colors frame options
  • Constructed from premium powder-coated aluminum

Acoustic Panels

  • 15 unique colors and five panel styles
  • 9-12 mm Clarus acoustic felt
  • 100% recycled materials, 100% recyclable product
  • Material is tackable
  • Fire rating: ASTM E84 Class A
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of .8-1.1
  • Absorbs up to 85% of office chatter*
  • *Absorbs 68% at <500hz, 83% 500-2000hz, 85% >2000hz


  • Height: 48″ per panel
  • Width: 23.375″ per panel
  • Total width of footprint: 46.75″ per panel


  • Available with magnetic finish