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For years, the fixed walls of modern office spaces have been steadily removed to create an open environment. Glide is the next step in the revolution, maximizing existing wall space to provide hundreds of consolidated square feet of glass writing surface and inspire personal communication and collaboration.

More Space For Your Best Ideas

Glide is the first-of-its-kind glassboard system designed to allow sliding glass panels to smoothly move across the face of wall-mounted glassboards. With a thoughtfully designed mounting system, your ideas will be the showcase, instead of our mounting hardware.

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Clarus Glide sliding glass panels with mathematical formulas and drawings
More Function in Less Space

Space in the modern office is at a premium, and designers are being asked to add more function into less space. Glide’s three-dimensional system maximizes existing wall space with two layers of writing surface in one compact design.

Clarus Glide sliding glass panels with red bench
Clarus Glide sliding glass panels with flexible seating options
Designed to Collaborate

With a wall of glass behind and sliding glassboards in front, Glide’s patented design makes it easy to keep your ideas flowing.

Find your inspiration

Built to Move

Every organization needs to be creative, but this process is not static. Your creative canvases shouldn’t be either. Glide allows collaboration, dynamic presentations and privacy, all on a moving glassboard wall.

Clarus glide sliding glass panels with green glass in collaborative space

Colors by Clarus™

Any color you want.

Match your design

Over 150 Unique Clarus Colors

Customize your Glide with any glass color to match your unique branding, or provide your own custom color for us to match. Clarus has the tightest color accuracy tolerances in the industry.


Our proprietary, glass-printing technology allows us to print any graphics in stunning full color. With ColorDrop, you’re not limited to just logos and text – your designs will look amazing on a Clarus glassboard.

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Glide your size, your way.

The language of design is color and customization – at Clarus we’re fluent in both. With two mounting orientations to choose from, limitless panel ganging, and over 150 standard colors, the options for any space are endless.

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Clarus Glass

  • 1/4″ Clarus tempered safety writing glass
  • Available in Starphire (gloss) or Silk (matte) finish
  • Non-staining writing surface
  • Compatible with any marker, even permanent
  • Clarus Opti-Clear finish and eased corners for safety

Colors & Printing

Colors by Clarus

  • 150+ standard colors
  • Unlimited options with Clarus’ color-matching ability


  • Custom logos, patterns, and artwork printing
  • Direct-to-glass, high resolution, UV printing is guaranteed to never fade or discolor


  • Glide’s height and width are dependent on one another — a change in one value will affect the other value

Horizontal Orientation

  • Any width, from 36″ – 96″ per panel
  • Any height, from 38.5″ – 50.5″ per panel

Vertical Orientation

  • Any width, from 36″ – 48″ per panel
  • Any height, from 38.5″ – 98.5″ per panel


  • All Glide panels are magnetic

Design Details

Clarus N-Line Drift Technology

  • Anti-flex engineering, designed to withstand impact
  • Keep Your Fingers technology — bumpers prevent sliding panels from touching

Keep Your Fingers technology

  • Bumpers prevent sliding panels from touching


  • All sliding panels are 2-1/2″ taller than fixed, wall-mounted panels (1.25″ on top and bottom)
  • Sliding panels will never touch each other, leaving 2″ of space between each sliding panel
  • All sliding panels are the same size, and all fixed, wall-mounted panels are the same size