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The glass board goes mobile. Take a look at our most popular product and how it's transforming everyday spaces into collaborative hotspots. Our rolling glass whiteboard is practical, versatile, and modern, serving as the perfect product for your office space or classroom.

At Clarus, quality is always our number one priority. Our mobile dry erase board collection has been designed with you in mind. This revolutionary writing surface resists stains, is easy to clean, and provides a sleek design for your office space. Each glass writing surface is made with tempered glass, serving as the ideal marker board to let your creativity soar. If you're on the hunt for a mobile whiteboard that is completely customizable, our glass board options have got you covered.

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Product shown outside HUB for 360 degree view – designed to be used securely in a HUB only.
Clarus Quality, Your Style

go! is your perfect glass canvas. Every go! Mobile glass whiteboard is handcrafted in Texas using thoughtfully selected, premium materials.

By integrating rolling glass whiteboards into your workflow, you can take productivity all around the office.

What will you create with your go! Mobile glass whiteboard on wheels?

Time to go! Interactive

Need to see some detail before choosing a mobile whiteboard? Slide below and take me for a spin!

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    Truly Customizable

    Glass, size, frame, and casters – endless possibilities.


    Build yours

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    Product shown outside HUB for 360 degree view – designed to be used securely in a HUB only.
    Gomobile Acoustic Website Insetimage
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    Reduce the Noise

    Add acoustic sound absorption panels to the back of your go! Mobile rolling glass whiteboard, and reduce the noise of the modern office.

    Add Acoustic


    Choose the perfect finish for your go! Mobile.

    • White
    • Satin Silver
    • Bone
    • Warm Grey
    • Cool Grey
    • Sand
    • Stone
    • Teracotta
    • Navy
    • Deep Teal
    • Dark Green
    • Burgundy
    • Jet Black
    • Soft Maple
    • White Oak
    • Walnut
    Gomobile Frame V2 1

    Frame: Timber*

    Bring the outdoors inside.

    Add an element of warmth and natural texture with one of three solid, hardwood choices for your go! Mobile frame. Wood and glass – it’s only natural.

    • Soft Maple

    • White Oak

    • Walnut

    *Timber finish only available for medium-sized go! Mobile

    Over 175 Unique Clarus Colors

    Customize your go! Mobile rolling whiteboard with any tempered glass color to match your unique branding with Colors by Clarus, or provide your own custom color match. Clarus has the tightest color accuracy tolerances in the entire industry!


    Our proprietary glass printing technology allows us to print any graphics in stunning full color. With ColorDrop, you’re not limited to just logos and text. Your designs will look amazing on a Clarus glass board!

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    3-wheeled go! Mobiles are supplied with Hubs that serve to secure them in place.
    Gomobile Foursection Gray Image 960×720

    Caster Color

    Four colors to complete your design.

    • White
    • Gray
    • Black
    • Red
    Gomobile Foursection Gray Image 960×600

    go! Hubs

    Create a unique space with your go! Mobile.

    • Y Hub
    • X Hub
    • I Hub
    • L Hub
    • T Hub

    Choose which Hub will complete your 3-wheel go! Mobile. Each Hub is uniquely designed to create the perfect collaborative space.

    Gomobile Lower Four Section Image2

    Clarus Glass

    • 5/32″ Clarus tempered safety writing glass
    • Non-staining writing surface
    • Compatible with any marker, even permanent
    • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish and eased corners for safety

    Colors & Printing

    Colors by Clarus

    • Over 175 standard colors and unlimited custom match colors available


    • Custom logos, patterns, and artwork printing available
    • Direct-to-glass, high resolution, UV printing is guaranteed to never fade or discolor

    Frame Finishes

    • 13 beautiful, richly finished colors frame options
    • Constructed from premium powder-coated aluminum


    • Three stunning premium wood frame options
    • Hand crafted from solid wood, responsibly harvested in the USA

    *Timber finish only available for medium-sized go! Mobile

    Caster Colors

    • Four colors to perfectly complement your frame finish and tempered glass color
    • White, Gray, Black, Red


    • Four Wheel

      XS (40″ x 54″)S (60″ x 54″)M (40″ x 73″)XL (60″ x 73″)

    • Three Wheel*

      XS (40″ x 54″)S (60″ x 54″)M (40″ x 73″)

    *3 wheel options must be sold and configured with go! Hubs

    go! Hubs

    • go! Hubs create the perfect docking station for every 3-wheeled go! Mobile – gang them together, lock them in place, and get to work on its smooth glass surface.


    • Available in both magnetic and non-magnetic finish