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Healthcare facilities easily spend millions of dollars and countless hours dedicated to patient safety and satisfaction, only to come up short in every hospital room. With Clarus®, never risk patient confidentiality or incorrect treatment directions with ghosted, dirty whiteboards.

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Importance of Collaboration & Communication

Glassboards not only provide the tools needed for collaboration between clinicians and patients, but they also give them the options to visually explain the condition or even use graphic inserts to support their explanations.


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Bacteria Resistance

Consistent patient volume and a high occurrence of bacterial infections and viruses make infection control a major priority for healthcare organizations. Clarus® glass is non-porous and anti-microbial making it 3x cleaner than traditional white boards.


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Patient Experience

With 60% of HCAHPS scores based specifically on or influenced by communication, hospitals must invest in the mediums and methodologies to better connect with patients. Glassboards, with their antimicrobial composition, privacy advantages, superior aesthetics, and function are the only practical writing surfaces in healthcare facilities.

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Patient Privacy

Healthcare organizations are required to be cognizant of safeguarding protected health information. Glassboards will never stain or ghost like whiteboards, so other people will not be able to see protected health information from previous patients.


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Cost & Quality

Healthcare organizations are looking for high quality products that can withstand the heavy use and heavy cleaning regimen required in a healthcare setting. The materiality (aka durability) of Clarus® glassboards make them a perfect option for healthcare organizations.


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Over 50 Healthboard templates to choose from.

Use our builder tool and select from over 50 ColorDrop™ templates for your glassboard. We’ll customize your graphics or even create something completely new just for you!
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*Standard sizes for patient & pediatric rooms.

Your Healthboard, any size you need.

Five standard sizes and any custom size up to 6′ x 12′. Available with ColorDrop™ printing or Healthboard Transition graphics.


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