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The open office can be a wild place, filled with distractions. Divide is a beautiful glass desk divider for space division, organization and communication.

Divide Plays Nice

Use it with virtually any office furniture system. Divide works as an integrated and custom solution, or a simple add-on to existing desks and furniture systems.

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Divide Equals Options

Half inch glass panels that mount to any surface. The solution to your workspace division challenges.


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Over 175 Unique Clarus Colors

Customize your Divide with any color to match your unique branding with Colors by Clarus, or provide your own custom color match. Clarus has the tightest color accuracy tolerances in the entire industry!


Our proprietary glass printing technology allows us to print any graphics in stunning full color. With ColorDrop, you’re not limited to just logos and text. Your designs will look amazing on Clarus glass!

Divide always fits your space.

Work with our team of designers to integrate the right Clarus products into your environment. Always custom, never cookie-cutter.


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Clarus Glass

  • 1/2″ Clarus tempered safety writing glass
  • Non-staining writing surface
  • Compatible with any marker, even permanent
  • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish and eased corners for safety

Colors & Printing

Colors by Clarus

  • 175 standard colors, or unlimited custom match colors available


  • Custom logos, patterns and artwork printing available
  • Direct-to-glass, high resolution, UV printing is guaranteed to never fade or discolor


  • Integrates into preferred manufacturers’ system
  • Clarus supplied hardware optional