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6 Colors and What They Bring to the Office

Color is bold; it affects everything it touches. It ignites emotions, changes moods, and communicates value – all on a subconscious level. Research shows that color also impacts employees’ productivity and satisfaction within the workplace. Interior designers and other space planning experts spend years learning to harness the power of... Read

Clarus + Athletics | Branding Athletic Facilities and Why It Matt

What does your brand say about you? Does the design of your space reflect the pride of your team? For a facility expert, the athletic space functions as the powerhouse of recruitment, the epitome of a brand, and a "holy place" for boosters and fans. Basically, athletic facilities are epic, high-design... Read

Kansas State University Proves the Future is Mobile and On-Brand

THE CHALLENGE The design, architecture, and aesthetics of modern college campuses is a crucial factor in the never-ending competition to woo the next generation of students. And when it comes to the high bar set by high school juniors and seniors, Kansas State University not immune to the scrutiny. To train... Read

Clerkenwell Design Week: Clarus Surprises Designers

Clarus is celebrating its first appearance at Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) since officially opening its London office – and we’re celebrating big. The Clarus team stepped outside the norm to partner with Koleksiyon and donate mobile, writable glassboards to children’s hospitals in the UK during a “go! for Gold” event. Weeks before... Read

The Future of Lecture Halls is in the Sleek Beauty and Durable Fu

A lot of ink has been spilled regarding the habits of millennials, many of whom are entering the workforce and affecting society in unforeseen ways. But colleges and universities are laser focused on with their even younger cohort, Generation Z – the teenagers and young twenty-somethings filling up lecture halls... Read

Glassboards Bring Functional Technology and Powerful Branding to

The best collegiate athletics programs in the nation know the importance of providing their athletes with all the tools they need to win. There are few areas of development as important as the facilities in which staff and team plan, practice, and learn. Coaches use these areas to teach and... Read

Glassboards Modernize and Enhance College Student Unions

Fierce competition has always existed among colleges and universities to attract academic talent. This race for students has become even more competitive with the rapid rise of online degree programs. There is a silver lining for traditional educational institutions though; many students still desire to learn and socialize with their... Read

Clarus Glassboards Promote Collaboration in the Academic Library

Now that virtually all the world’s information is available to anyone with a computer or mobile device, will libraries become obsolete? If recent trends continue, reports of the library’s death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, many academic libraries have experienced significantly increased patron use in recent years. What’s needed... Read

Reaching Out to Generation Z

You can read about it in Forbes, and you can read about it on The Huffington Post. You can read about it on many of the top blogs covering higher education. You can even read about in in a study conducted by Barnes & Noble to help their marketing execs understand... Read

Impress Prospective Students with a Cutting-Edge Communication To

The athletic departments of colleges and universities have long been in an “arms race” to attract top ranked recruits. From stunning stadiums that rival professional arenas, to high-tech locker rooms outfitted with digital displays, to work-out facilities stacked with the latest equipment, many athletic departments spare no expense in the... Read