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Return to the Office: How One Company is Preparing with Room Dividers

Meeting the needs and demands of the modern-day office environment is a new challenge for many enterprises. One of the country’s leading global financial services firms and banking institutions is proactively setting the standard for a healthy, vibrant return to the workplace. This particular financial services firm is a big fan... Read

Creating a modern Penaissance: The art of writing things down

In our new era of telecommuting and virtual conferencing, the old problems of office collaboration haven’t disappeared—they’ve just found new ways to manifest themselves. Team directors and office leaders may find that the sudden switch to working from home strains communications and creativity, making the right collaborative approach more critical... Read

Leading from home? Become a virtual collaboration wizard.

Is working from home creating a thinking problem? For leaders used to furiously scribbling on brainstorming boards in the office war room, the answer may be yes. Collaborating from home can feel flat and disconnected—especially during abrupt transitions with no preset structure for remote work. Don’t let this hurt productivity.... Read

5 Tips to Stay Organized While Working From Home

Whether you’re the most methodical person in the office or always running late to the meeting, abruptly making the switch to working from home wrenches a new kind of insanity into our schedules. Kids tele-learning in the living room. Spouses video conferencing in the dining room. Pets who think it’s... Read

Helping the VA Puget Sound be COVID-19 ready

Nationwide, we have seen people and businesses working together to help with the public response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are coming together by repurposing their production line to help meet the demand for lifesaving medical equipment, hygienic masks, sanitizing products and other items that are in short supply.1 And... Read

Craving the Sound of Silence? Tips for Improved Office Acoustics

Open-concept office environments have become the norm with the goal of encouraging collaboration. They also have been shown to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of space a company needs for their employees. However, many struggle to focus due to constant noise distractions. Did you know that acoustic felt panels... Read

The Workforce is Changing. Are you Prepared?

As Baby Boomers retire, the workforce will be compiled of Millennials (1984-1995) and Generation Z (1996-2010). The influx of Millennials and the dawn of the internet changed the workplace environment and culture dramatically. However, now employers must consider the needs of a new generation. Millennials and Gen Z do share many... Read

Benefits of Flexible Classroom Design

In the last few years, flexible classroom design has become a hot topic in education. A lot of research has come out of both the education and psychology fields about ways to improve learning. As researchers and teachers learn more about the different ways in which students learn, they have... Read

Raising Retention through Active Learning

Students today are harder than ever to keep focused. With the constant influx of information, teachers have to get creative to keep Generation Z engaged. Both educators and psychologists have studied the teaching methods that are most effective – and they always point to active learning. Active learning is a... Read

Group Work or Lectures… Which Teaching Method is Best for Students?

The reality is that in most professions, you work as a team. While the extent to which you collaborate changes from profession to profession, this is an essential skill to being successful after college…and even post high school. If you are headed to college, you’re going to do group projects.... Read

A Well-Designed Office Leads to Happier Employees

In our recent blog, “The Workplace of 2020: The Balance between Quiet and Collaboration,” we discussed the importance of giving employees a choice when it comes to where they work. Design, while obviously important for aesthetics and recruiting talent, plays a bigger-than-expected role in employee engagement. We looked at some... Read

Design and Safety Can Co-Exist

As the tie between patient experience (specifically HCAHPSa scores) and reimbursement continues to strengthen, progressive design is more important than ever in healthcare. Designers have a hard time balancing the cost constraints, the need for durability, and the design – an aspect that is crucial for attracting patients and enhancing... Read

Glassboards are ALWAYS a Better Choice for Higher Education

Glass whiteboards are easily the best product for collaboration at offices, hospitals, and colleges. A glassboard is different from a traditional whiteboard because it’s much more durable than the traditional chemical-coated pressboard that streaks and stains. The tempered glassboards are built to last and have been tested against up to... Read

A Green Workplace: Not Just about Sustainability

While technology creates much more opportunity for flexible work environments, it seems to have fostered a 24/7 working culture. With the longer hours and increased stress that comes with it, organizations need to look to new and unique ways to improve the work environment for their employees. While sustainability continues... Read

The Workplace of 2020: A Balance between Quiet and Collaboration

The importance of choice is a basic human need. Choice is intrinsically linked to our need for control. With the rise of a consumerism model brought on by the internet (and especially Amazon), the need for choice is greater than ever. And the workplace, a place a lot of people... Read

Maybe Glass?

Recently, a large group of project managers from a Division I university sat down with Clarus to discuss various design challenges on campus. To their surprise, most of their requirements could be met with standard Clarus products. The more complex problems only required slight deviations of standard products to produce... Read

The On-the-go! Workplace: Ideal Design Scenarios for Modular, Modern Work

Why every industry needs an on-the-go! glassboard With a writing surface that changes functions as easily as it rolls from room to room – go! Mobile™ creates collaboration and brainstorming wherever it goes. Here are just a few of the many industries that have found go! Mobile to be extremely useful. Here’s... Read

Bringing Students to the Board: Why the Interactive Writing Matters

In a world where everything is moving towards digital data, perhaps the past, and not electronics, paves the way for the future in the classroom. Technology has been implemented in the classroom as a means of keeping students up-to-date on the latest trends of technology – but is this virtual reality... Read

Transparency: A Pet Lover’s Dream

The PARC is starting a revolution with the first-ever entirely glass veterinary clinic, providing unprecedented transparency for pets and parents alike. The PARC's design features many psychology-focused design elements, intended to specifically decrease anxiety, create a warm space for pets and their parents, and bring the brand to life with color. The... Read

LEED? Declare? One’s a Scheme and One’s a Certification…

The how-to’s of green building + infographics for the visual learner in all of us. In the last part of this blog series, we talked about different schemes – like LEED, BREEAM, and Living Building Challenge. Today, we’ll uncover which certifications fall under which schemes and provide you with an infographic... Read

The Simple Definition You Need to Understand Green Building

A top-down view of the sustainability industry from an amateur just like you. The Green Building Dictionary is the final piece of this series on the Green Building industry, giving a snapshot of the industry’s hierarchy. Green Building Dictionary This dictionary serves as a broad overview of the hierarchy and relationships within the... Read

10 Practical (and Clever) Ways to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

The earth will thank you… & so will your bank account. Reuse your produce bags. When you’re at the grocery store, they provide you with plastic bags to tie up each of your vegetables in separate packaging. It just so happens that it takes one of those bags almost 1,000 years... Read

LEED? BREEAM? What’s the Difference?

Lots of schemes, one green building industry – the practical breakdown of which schemes are which Schemes are the first part of this series, explaining what they are and why they matter. To fully understand the in-depth study of the green building industry, be sure to read the Introduction to the... Read

Ditch the Interactive Whiteboard… Enjoy the View™

Over the last decade, thousands of schools across the United States paid billions of dollars to install interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. But today, very few teachers actually use the interactive white boards in their classrooms, leaving this obsolete technology as overpriced wall art – or at best, an overpriced... Read

The Modern-Day Presentation: Turn Off Your Slideshow & Pick Up A Marker

PowerPoints are the foundation of modern day presentations. From sales to education, healthcare to corporate giants, the slideshow has taken first place as the presentation of choice – but what if these text-heavy, visually stagnant presentations aren't as popular as they seem? While projected, electronic presentations bring a level of sophistication... Read

Who Decided Sustainability was Important?

The SparkNotes version of how green building came about and who’s calling the shots. Over the last year, Clarus™ certified its glassboards to contribute to three different credits — Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) credit, low emitting materials credit earned with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and a material ingredients credit earned with a... Read

What is Sustainability? …and Who Cares?

A realistic look at the green building industry & the audiences who are listening more than you think. Sustainability. That’s a big word. Lots of syllables. But what does it mean? Are we talking about getting local neighborhoods to recycle? Or teaching consumers to use aluminum-free deodorant? Biodegradable sheetrock? Buy from responsible manufacturers?... Read

Sample World and Clarus™ Custom Samples

Behind the scenes at Clarus™ HQ There are bound to be unsung heroes within Clarus from time to time – it’s just part of being the largest glassboard manufacturer in the world. Though "Sample World" may be viewed by some as a small department at Clarus, their work has an enormous... Read

The Clarus™ Christmas Gift Guide

The 3 Clarus gifts anyone will enjoy all year ‘round. The Clarus Notepad The perfect gift for the perfect price. The Clarus Notepad serves as the list-maker’s dream gift – perfect for the kitchen counter grocery list, the erasable to-do list, or the desktop reminders. The Notepad comes in either the traditional lined... Read

Reaching Out to Generation Z: Learning How They Learn

You can read about it in Forbes, and you can read about it on The Huffington Post. You can read about it on many of the top blogs covering higher education. You can even read about in in a study conducted by Barnes & Noble to help marketing execs understand their newest customers. Generation Z —... Read

How to Design Your Office for the Next 50 Years

Longevity at its finest. Designing for the ever-changing needs of each new generation can be overwhelming, but the office environment has an undeniable impact on employees’ productivity. As a result, building out space to foster new ideas and boost morale should be at the top of employers’ priority list. How do... Read

Collaborative Spaces Promote 21st Century Business Skills

Colleges and universities that offer collaborative classrooms are ahead of the curve.  Some institutions are designing these spaces as core components of their new buildings, while others are remodeling existing classrooms to make them better suited for the next generation of students. Either way – collaboration is the new business model. So,... Read

Why Choose Colors By Clarus™?

White is the most popular color in the world of office design. With its crisp, classic look, white is still widely accepted as the neutral and normal workplace color. But what is white, really? Simply a lack of any color at all. Research studies reveal that cladding your offices in white... Read

Promoting Collaboration Through Creative Space Design

Open floor plans are the hottest trend in office and academic building design right now. This architectural style is designed to encourage innovation and teamwork by breaking down traditional barriers and bringing people face-to-face. The University of Chicago’s Mansueto Library with its soaring glass dome is a perfect example of a modern... Read

5 Challenges in Modern Offices and Glide’s Simple Solutions

As the workplace becomes a hub for teamwork and personal interaction, the walls have started coming down to create spaces that are complementary and useful to the team as a whole. That means comfortable, spacious layouts and collaborative hubs in convenient spaces. But space in the modern office comes at a... Read

6 Colors and What They Bring to the Office

Color is bold; it affects everything it touches. It ignites emotions, changes moods, and communicates value – all on a subconscious level. Research shows that color also impacts employees’ productivity and satisfaction within the workplace. Interior designers and other space planning experts spend years learning to harness the power of... Read

Branding Athletic Facilities and Why It Matters

What does your brand say about you? Does the design of your space reflect the pride of your team? For a facility expert, the athletic space functions as the powerhouse of recruitment, the epitome of a brand, and a "holy place" for boosters and fans. Basically, athletic facilities are epic, high-design... Read

Kansas State University Proves Future is Mobile and On-Brand

THE CHALLENGE The design, architecture, and aesthetics of modern college campuses is a crucial factor in the never-ending competition to woo the next generation of students. And when it comes to the high bar set by high school juniors and seniors, Kansas State University not immune to the scrutiny. To train... Read

Clerkenwell Design Week: Clarus Surprises Designers

Clarus™ is celebrating its first appearance at Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) since officially opening its London office – and we’re celebrating big. The Clarus team stepped outside the norm to partner with Koleksiyon and donate mobile, writable glassboards to children’s hospitals in the UK during a “go! for Gold” event. Weeks before... Read

Lecture Halls’ Future in the Beauty and Durability of Glass

A lot of ink has been spilled regarding the habits of millennials, many of whom are entering the workforce and affecting society in unforeseen ways. But colleges and universities are laser focused on with their even younger cohort, Generation Z – the teenagers and young twenty-somethings filling up lecture halls... Read

Glassboards Bring Functional Branding to Athletics Facilities

The best collegiate athletics programs in the nation know the importance of providing their athletes with all the tools they need to win. There are few areas of development as important as the facilities in which staff and team plan, practice, and learn. Coaches use these areas to teach and... Read

Glassboards Modernize and Enhance College Student Unions

Fierce competition has always existed among colleges and universities to attract academic talent. This race for students has become even more competitive with the rapid rise of online degree programs. There is a silver lining for traditional educational institutions though; many students still desire to learn and socialize with their... Read

Promoting Collaboration in Academic Library of the Future

Now that virtually all the world’s information is available to anyone with a computer or mobile device, will libraries become obsolete? If recent trends continue, reports of the library’s death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, many academic libraries have experienced significantly increased patron use in recent years. What’s needed... Read

Reaching Out to Generation Z

You can read about it in Forbes, and you can read about it on The Huffington Post. You can read about it on many of the top blogs covering higher education. You can even read about in in a study conducted by Barnes & Noble to help their marketing execs understand... Read

Impress Prospective Students with Quality Communication Tools

The athletic departments of colleges and universities have long been in an “arms race” to attract top ranked recruits. From stunning stadiums that rival professional arenas, to high-tech locker rooms outfitted with digital displays, to work-out facilities stacked with the latest equipment, many athletic departments spare no expense in the... Read

Breaking Up the Classroom For The Next Generation Of Students

The trend away from the “Factory-Model Classroom” is in full swing. Educators, administrators, and students have realized the traditional approach toward classroom design is no longer adequate to meet the diverse and rapidly changing needs of Generation Z.... Read

Clarus’ 2017: Year in Review

What a year 2017 was! We were trusted by countless brands and institutions to bring their design vision to life. Whether it was Ivy League schools, professional sports teams, or the hottest tech companies in the world, Clarus™ glassboards are in more places than ever before. As we sprint ahead... Read

Top 5 Reasons K-12 Schools are Moving to Glassboards

Schools are constantly evolving to serve the educational needs of today’s students. As schools evolve, the tools and spaces teachers use are changing at a rapid pace. At Clarus™, we’ve seen an overwhelming demand for glassboards in K12 facilities. The reasons are varied, but all worth understanding. So, we put... Read

The Next Chapter – Clarus™ Comes to London

Since the founding of Clarus in 2009, we’ve witnessed a mass exodus from traditional, enameled steel whiteboards in the commercial interior, and the adoption of high-quality glassboards. With this change, we’ve witnessed a dynamic shift in the role writable glass solutions now play in not just the workplace but higher... Read

Timber – Your Favorite Clarus™ Products Framed In Wood

Modern interiors are being built and crafted with more natural materials than ever before. This trend introduces warmth and sustainable materials into design and is quickly becoming the norm, which inspired Clarus to combine natural, organic materials with the beauty of glass. Welcome, Timber. The latest Clarus product frames our premium... Read

Clarus™ and Design Community Raise over $60k in Hurricane Relief

Two weeks ago, we challenged the interior design community to unite in support of the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey in our home state. We believed in this so much that we wanted to put our money where our mouth was, promising to match dollar for dollar all donations until... Read

NeoCon 2017: That’s a Wrap!

The largest event in the A&D world has come and gone. The 49th installment of NeoCon was a week packed with “what’s next” in design. In our second full year in a permanent showroom, we invited our designer and dealer friends to interact with View™, an all-new cinema-quality projection screen... Read

Clarus Glassboards™ Attends Clerkenwell Design Week 2017!

It’s time for Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 (CDW), and we could not be more excited for this international expo of design brands. Taking place in the London neighborhood of Clerkenwell, home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else in the world, CDW is the epicenter... Read

Introducing Adapt – Where No Glassboard Has Gone Before

The benefits of glassboards are numerous. Power users, office designers, and communication enthusiasts all have different reasons for loving glassboards. Whether it’s the super strong surface that will never dent, ghost, stain, or fade, or the limitless number of customization options – glassboards are going to become a staple in... Read

300 go! Mobiles™ in 2 Weeks? No problem for Clarus™.

What did Amazon in Romania do when they needed 300 portable glass writing surfaces in a matter of 2 weeks? They called Clarus. go! Mobile offers the perfect cohesion of beautiful writing glass and a portable writing surface to roll your ideas around the office. With a growing trend in open... Read

Clarus™ Adhesion Testing: Hanging on Every Word

Designing stunning glassboards isn’t the extent of the Clarus operation. Besides extending an unmatched level of customer service to clients, we also pride ourselves on our cutting edge manufacturing process. Through our search for granular, replicable, and audited load testing, we sought the assistance of a third-party testing lab. The... Read

Clarus Glassboards™ and the Easy Install

Turn your antiquated, twentieth century office spaces into creative hotspots by ditching the whiteboard for a sleek, contemporary Clarus Glassboard. You can hang it almost anywhere and write with any marker you want. Best of all, installation is a cinch. The sleek design of a Clarus Glassboard begins with its... Read

State of New York Chooses Clarus™!

Employees of the State of New York: prepare yourselves for a surge of creativity and collaboration, a shot of elegance and sophistication. Why? Because Clarus Glassboards™ was recently awarded the New York State Contract. That means the sleek, modern, innovative, and award-winning glassboards designed and manufactured by Clarus will be available... Read

Improving Patient Experience: Clarus™ at Parkland Hospital

“As our community’s public health system, Parkland is the foundation for a healthy Dallas,” says a designer on the Parkland facilities team. “That’s why we ask ourselves every day, how can we better serve our patients? As Parkland adds more services into the neighborhoods that need us most, we know... Read

Clarus™ Glassboard vs. Permanent Marker

We get asked all the time about whether or not permanent markers can erase from Clarus glass. Instead of telling you, we decided to show you! Everyone knows you don’t write on a whiteboard with permanent marker. Traditional whiteboards are prone to staining, ghosting, and looking like a much different surface... Read

Surround Yourself With The Best

According to the 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce study, 53 percent of the 200 hiring managers surveyed said it is difficult to find and retain millennials. With so many markets still recovering from The Great Recession, what compels people to hold out for the “right” offer rather than taking the “now”... Read

Employee Spotlight: Riley Craypo

There are certain people that you can’t help but appreciate. Whether it’s your mentors, parents, friends, or personal heroes, there are always people that leave a lasting impression on who you are, and the way you do things. Clarus Glassboards™ has been truly blessed to have the greatest employees in... Read

Clarus Glassboards™: Timely Testaments to an Age of Glass

“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come”—Victor Hugo What Hugo has in mind here is the role timing plays in determining the power of an idea. Some ideas just fit the Zeitgeist. The automobile had to happen at the height of the industrial era. A touch-screen phone’s success... Read

Why Would Anyone Use a Window Instead of a Glassboard?

Have you ever used a window to collaborate? Offices and classrooms, inventive employees and teachers have often enlisted the help of glass windows to facilitate their thoughts drawn out that would otherwise be placed on a whiteboard. Yet, it’s not the best medium for ideas – for a handful of... Read

Game 7 of the NBA Finals Calls for a Clean Slate

Get ready for Game 7. Last night, LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a stunning defeat of the Golden State Warriors, sending the 2016 NBA finals to Game 7 for the first time in three years. With the points total for the past six games locked at 610-610 –... Read

We Are Flipping Out Right Now

The response to Flip, the world’s most awarded glass writeable surface product, has been incredible. Neocon was a reminder of the amazing use-cases brilliant designers have for the product which doubles as a functional acoustical panel, providing sound-deadening in any commercial space. Where were you the first time you saw a... Read

NeoCon Review in Pictures

Thanks Chicago, NeoCon has been a blast! Check out some of our favorite moments! ... Read

Clarus™ Rocks Neocon 2016

  Attendees of NeoCon in Chicago this week were treated to a uniquely fun experience in showroom 1033A. The Mart was packed. And starting with the HiP announcement on Sunday night in which Clarus took home the trophy in the Workplace Furniture category, it was simply a special show. When Clarus opened... Read

Glassboards Inspire Project Management for Wealthsimple

Tech and financial startup Wealthsimple recently procured Clarus Glassboards™ for their new offices in downtown Toronto, Canada. With a growing team to match a growing business, Wealthsimple needed a product that would match the creative, sophisticated and cosmopolitan surroundings helping fuel their innovation. With Glassboards, they found the perfect match. With... Read

Clarus Glassboards™ Wins Interior Design’s 2016 HiP Award

Interior Design’s HiP Awards at Neocon honor industry people and products that represent pioneering design and innovation. And Clarus™ kicks off Neocon the best way possible, with a HiP victory, taking home the top prize for Interior Design in the Workplace Furniture Category. This is the second win on an international scale... Read

Clarus Glassboards™ Debuts Showroom at NeoCon 2016

Join Clarus Glassboards at NeoCon 2016 as we debut our beautiful showroom (1033A) and launch a stunning new product at The Merchandise Mart. Clarus™ has long been a participant in the NeoCon festivities. As the world-leader in glass visual display solutions, Clarus’ versatility, functionality, and superior aesthetic has been an annual... Read

What Makes the Clarus™ Glassboard Depth Different Than Competitors?

Clarus Glassboards™ provide a great deal of extra security when it comes to mounting glassboards for your office space. John Merris, Executive VP of Sales, describes how Clarus goes the extra mile to ensure that every Clarus glassboard, including Depth, leaves the factory with their trademark strength and durability. The first... Read

Our Commitment to Quality, Integrity & Innovation

Clarus Glassboards™ Sheer Operator David Clegg has an important job in manufacturing glassboards. Clarus™ has a responsibility to designers, architects, facility managers and builders to manufacture precise, aesthetically-inspired products. Cutting magnetized steel to the specifications of standard glassboards and those customized alike, Clegg brings personal craftsmanship to every board. Clegg’s work... Read

Clarus Glassboards™: Pride in Manufacturing

Vertical integration is one of the driving forces in the success of Clarus Glassboards. It’s what enables everything from product customization to industry-leading lead times and customer service. By manufacturing all product under the same roof in Ft. Worth, Texas, Clarus™ blends best-practices in efficient, high-tech manufacturing, with “old world”... Read

Clarus™ Supports Gatehouse Grapevine Luncheon with go! Mobile™

Three friends met for a luncheon in Grapevine, Texas. Two are very old friends. They go way back, to a time when they single-handedly controlled the world’s communications and information technology. Founded in 1885 and 1911, respectively, few companies have such historic interdependence and at such magnitude as AT&T and... Read

Top 10 Reasons Everyone is Going to Glassboards

How many times in your career have you stood, armed with a brilliant idea and a dry erase marker, in front of your esteemed colleagues? Think about it. Some of the greatest ideas come standing at the marker board. Superbowls have been won at the whiteboard, battles have been planned, plots plotted.... Read

Stony Brook University Adds Collaborative Glassboards

The State University of New York at Stony Brook is a 200 building campus making up 11 million square feet of space on 1,454 acres. With over 24,000 students, 14,500 staff and 2400 faculty, the University is a huge presence in Long Island. And Stony Brook University just got a... Read

Advanced Technology & Craftsmanship: The Clarus™ Difference

The quality of a Clarus glassboard is apparent the first time you put marker to the board. But the innovation, thoughtful design, and hard work put into each glassboard is the result of behind-the-scenes manufacturing technology unique to Clarus. The highest priority for Clarus is ensuring that customers have the best... Read

Total Cost of Ownership Study Proves the Superior Value of Clarus™ Glassboards

Facility managers choose Clarus glassboards as a premium, durable writing surface for the most demanding of environments. Whether it’s in a healthcare setting, where rigorous cleaning and daily use take their toll on the product, educational settings, or commercial office space, the glassboard has become more than a building material... Read

Where There’s Stain, Smear, and Ghost, there’s Bacteria

Healthcare professionals go to great lengths to ensure that their facilities are as sanitary as possible. The challenge is a serious one. For example, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 25 patients are affected by a hospital-acquired infection. Hospital acquired infections, or HAI, are... Read

Clarus™ Co-Founder Talks Glassboards Color Technology

Late last year, the Wall Street Journal featured Clarus Glassboards™ in a story about it’s innovative spirit as a ‘Startup That Actually Makes Stuff’. Central to the story is the vision and leadership of its founders Robby Whites and Jeremy Rincon who started the company seven years ago. Clarus™ leads the writable... Read

Clarus Glassboards™ to Open Chicago Merchandise Mart Location

Clarus Glassboards is proud to announce its new permanent showroom location in Chicago's Merchandise Mart - a destination many call the center of the universe (at least in the furnishings world). With a showroom presence, Clarus™ will expand its footprint nationally, demonstrating for architects, interior designers and facility managers the latest... Read

Next Time, Dream Up Your Bracket on Clarus™ Glassboards

It’s over. March Madness has come to an end. Last night, Villanova victoriously cut the net and celebrated a narrow victory over the legendary North Carolina Tarheels. With coach Roy Williams at the helm, North Carolina plotted for a comeback, but in the end, Villanova was a team of destiny.... Read

Video: Clarus™ Healthboards Improve Patient Communication

Doctors and nurses have the challenge of improving patient communication - it's one of the most important facets of good healthcare. First, effective patient communication improves healthcare outcomes. As quoted by the Institute for Healthcare Communication: "Extensive research has shown that no matter how knowledgeable a clinician might be, if he or... Read

Glassboard Builder Demonstrates Customization Possibilities

Clarus™ believes that customers should have the ability to customize their experience with Clarus. We are passionate about building beautiful products for great architecture, efficient healthcare, and ROI driving facility management. For a product to integrate with its environment and become a part of the brand itself, customization is paramount. That's... Read

Clarus™ Among Elite with ‘Builder Tool’ and 163,704 Options

There was a defining moment that changed the world of personalized technology forever. It wasn’t the launch of the iPhone, though that was epic. It wasn’t the launch of the personal computer or the tablet or the laptop. Instead, it was the 1998 launch of the colorful iMac. It spelled... Read

How Clarus™ Glassboards Enhance Patient Communication

Clarus designs Healthboards to answer the changing communication needs of the healthcare industry. As hospitals adapt to the emergence of an increasingly consumer-driven market, communication takes on top priority in the strategic planning of healthcare services and budget goals. Drawing on concepts in media studies, this study situates the relevance... Read

Clarus™ Healthboards, 12,016 AD (10,000 Years from Now…)

--"We found a Clarus Healthboard that indicates this ancient wall was once part a hospital." --"Seriously? They had Clarus Healthboards back then? By the way, what's a hospital?" For hospitals, providing affordable and quality care can often seem like divergent, if not contrary goals: While expanding patient access to affordable... Read

Shift to Glass: Healthcare’s Commitment to Cleanliness

According to the World Health Organization, the data on patient-care activities and their likelihood to transmit bacteria from a healthcare worker to a patient provide few definitive conclusions. Studies have shown, however, that employees at all levels and in all realms of the healthcare industry face a pervasive risk of... Read

Clarus™ Glassboards Make Patient Safety a Priority

When patients come into the hospital, they expect to be cared FOR. They assume their physicians are board certified and credentialed to practice. They assume that the nurses are licensed and competent to perform the care necessary to take care of them. And they assume their privacy will be both... Read

Improving Patient Experience (And HCAHPS) With Clarus™

Much has been said about the increasing power of the consumer. With review websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, the customer experience across a wide range of industries has become democratized – businesses must satisfy their customers to retain them and grow. This hasn’t always been the case. Merely 10-20 years... Read

True Product Leadership: The Clarus™ Sustainability Summary

In January, the Clarus Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study proved the superior value of glassboards versus whiteboards. Key to the study was the revelations that whiteboards are only lasting 4-6 years on average, resulting in immense replacement costs due to discoloration and distortion. Yesterday, we evaluated the TCO from an... Read

Glassboards Enable Sustainable Design

Architects and interior designers have the challenge of specifying products and materials that serve a high calling. Form and function are paramount, but a third dynamic - the sustainability and LEED criterion associated with the decisions you make - has a lasting impact. And today’s top architects are indeed leaving... Read

Almost Medicinal: Glassboards are Good for your Health

Clarus™ is a key component of patient care. Does a glassboard a day keep the doctor away? Our glassboards are quickly becoming an essential part of patient care around the world. How important is patient-doctor communication? In an overnight stay or months' of in-patient care, daily communication facilitates everything from medicinal instructions... Read

Good, Better, Best: Chalkboards, Whiteboards, Glassboards

If you’re like many of us, when you think chalkboard, you think way back. Like 70’s or 80’s back. Back so far that the early days of MTV, Atari, and big hair were everyday mainstream. Chalkboards made good backdrops for shows and movies like the Wonder Years, the Goonies and Ferris... Read

Just How Strong are Clarus™ Glassboards?

Clarus Glassboards™ just defied gravity with a 6500 lbs successful load test. In an independent study conducted by Architectural Testing, Inc., our glassboards were put to the test, placed horizontally in a jig with a ram increasing load to determine just how strong the adhesive bond between mount and glass... Read

Load Test Results Demonstrate Clarus’ Safety Commitment

Clarus Glassboards™ commissioned an independent third party, Architectural Testing, Inc. to measure the strength of the adhesive used to mount the world's greatest writing surfaces to the wall. This critical connection is important to uphold the safety of the glassboard - confidently holding it to the wall with zero risk... Read

Intellectual Graffiti: Business Communication as Art

  Few art topics are as polarizing as ‘graffiti’. Depending on your viewpoint, it’s either an eyesore, or artistic expression. The question was recently posed in the UK’s Telegraph titled Is Graffiti Ruining Paris? But when celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spend $2 Million for the work of... Read

Coolest Workplaces in DFW: Collaboration Changing Business

D Magazine’s Coolest Workplaces piece showcases some spectacular commercial spaces in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Home to some of the worlds largest companies, such as AT&T, American Airlines, and Exxon-Mobil, the DFW metroplex has always been the land of big business. And anyone who watched even a little bit... Read

“You can do this.” Steve Jobs and his Preference for Glass.

Today we would like to take a moment to cover Jobs’ underestimated area of innovation – his preference for and work with glass. In 2007, Steve Jobs changed the world with the launch of the iPhone. As famously demonstrated in his famous launch presentation, the product combined into one device the... Read