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How Can Clarus Glass Enhance Your Business?

Did you know that Americans used more than 12 million tons of glass products in 2018? Glass is such a common material that many people around the world use it without giving it a second thought. From food containers, bottles, and jars, to household and industrial items, glass is a part of... Read

Clarus Glass Boards vs Whiteboards: Which is Better?

Are you outfitting your office or classroom with new boards? Click here to read about Clarus glass boards vs whiteboards and which you should choose. When it comes to formulating ideas, collaboration is key. Whether it's bringing together ideas from across the office or managing student's suggestions, writing them down is the... Read

7 Best Practices for Using Patient Communications Boards

Sometimes keeping it simple and low-tech does a better job. That’s certainly the case with patient communication boards. They can singlehandedly improve patient safety, patient/staff communication, and patient satisfaction. Using patient communication boards effectively can make the patient feel more receptive to any medical advice making their hospital stay just... Read