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The On-the-go! Workplace: Ideal Design Scenarios for Modular, Mod

Why every industry needs an on-the-go! glassboard With a writing surface that changes functions as easily as it rolls from room to room – go! Mobile™ creates collaboration and brainstorming wherever it goes. Here are just a few of the many industries that have found go! Mobile to be extremely useful. Here’s... Read

Bringing Students to the Board: Why the Interactive Writing Matte

In a world where everything is moving towards digital data, perhaps the past, and not electronics, paves the way for the future in the classroom. Technology has been implemented in the classroom as a means of keeping students up-to-date on the latest trends of technology – but is this virtual reality... Read

Transparency: A Pet Lover’s Dream

The PARC is starting a revolution with the first-ever entirely glass veterinary clinic, providing unprecedented transparency for pets and parents alike. The PARC's design features many psychology-focused design elements, intended to specifically decrease anxiety, create a warm space for pets and their parents, and bring the brand to life with color. The... Read

LEED? Declare? One’s a Scheme and One’s a Certificati

The how-to’s of green building + infographics for the visual learner in all of us. In the last part of this blog series, we talked about different schemes – like LEED, BREEAM, and Living Building Challenge. Today, we’ll uncover which certifications fall under which schemes and provide you with an infographic... Read

The Simple Definition You Need to Understand Green Building

A top-down view of the sustainability industry from an amateur just like you. The Green Building Dictionary is the final piece of this series on the Green Building industry, giving a snapshot of the industry’s hierarchy. Green Building Dictionary This dictionary serves as a broad overview of the hierarchy and relationships within the... Read

10 Practical (and Clever) Ways to Live a More Sustainable Lifesty

The earth will thank you… & so will your bank account. Reuse your produce bags. When you’re at the grocery store, they provide you with plastic bags to tie up each of your vegetables in separate packaging. It just so happens that it takes one of those bags almost 1,000 years... Read

LEED? BREEAM? What’s the Difference?

Lots of schemes, one green building industry – the practical breakdown of which schemes are which Schemes are the first part of this series, explaining what they are and why they matter. To fully understand the in-depth study of the green building industry, be sure to read the Introduction to the... Read

Ditch the Interactive Whiteboard… Enjoy the View™

Over the last decade, thousands of schools across the United States paid billions of dollars to install interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. But today, very few teachers actually use the interactive white boards in their classrooms, leaving this obsolete technology as overpriced wall art – or at best, an overpriced... Read

The Modern-Day Presentation: Turn Off Your Slideshow & Pick

PowerPoints are the foundation of modern day presentations. From sales to education, healthcare to corporate giants, the slideshow has taken first place as the presentation of choice – but what if these text-heavy, visually stagnant presentations aren't as popular as they seem? While projected, electronic presentations bring a level of sophistication... Read

Who Decided Sustainability was Important?

The SparkNotes version of how green building came about and who’s calling the shots. Over the last year, Clarus™ certified its glassboards to contribute to three different credits — Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) credit, low emitting materials credit earned with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and a material ingredients credit earned with a... Read