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With attention to design and quality, claroultra™ dry erase whiteboard products provide you with an affordable presentation aide solution for any size project. Whether you are upgrading to glass or simply refreshing your existing whiteboards, claroultra™ has a whiteboard to fit your needs.


With durable, low-iron tempered glass, a frameless design, and a polished edge, our glass products have been engineered to surpass the competition. By removing 90% of residual iron, our 4mm glass eliminates the green tint of regular glass allowing for true color to shine through.

Claroultra Mobile Wheels


Claro™ Mobile is bacteria resistant, non-porous mobile glassboard that serves a multitude of applications. Whether you use it as a 2-sided collaborative writing surface or as a temporary space divider, you’ll maintain the integrity of your open-concept office by not impeding the sightline from one end of your workspace to the next. With a four-wheel base, Claro™ Mobile is adaptable and can be moved around to any location, making it easy to separate spaces anywhere in your facility.

Porcelain Steel

Our Porcelain Steel boards are a cost-effective and ready-to-ship option, ensuring top performance for years to come. With magnetic and projection capabilities, these non-porous boards won’t stain, ghost, scratch or dent, and are backed by an impressive 10 year warranty.