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The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is really important to us. Whether you’re a healthcare worker or government employee fighting the COVID-19 virus on the frontlines, or a WFH warrior looking to enhance your creativity and productivity, we are here to help.

The Future of Workspaces

With tighter, open benching-style components, how can you create distance and barriers between employees without purchasing all new workstations?

Why Glass?

The new standard for workplace furniture calls for products made of materials that are easy to sanitize, while also matching the design aesthetic of the space. Clarus® glass products answer the call beautifully.

be! Clear™

be! Clear, a non-porous mobile board that serves as a protective shield during the health screening process, is your first line of defense against COVID-19 at the office.
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be! Shield™

Use non-porous Clarus® be! Shields to help keep your receptionist areas safe while welcoming visitors to your office.
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Why Clarus®?

From fabrication to final assembly, our commitment to excellence when producing the most premier glass products on the market means controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process.
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Clarus® is here for you

As you prepare your facilities for the return of your employees, we want to ensure that everyone feels safe, healthy and valued in their professional environment.


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Divide ThinLine™

Clarus®’ Divide ThinLine product acts as a cough barrier between workspaces and can be customized to reach various heights.
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Desk Tops

Outfit your employees’ workspaces with non-porous, cleanable surfaces that double as a marker board.
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The easy, cost-effective upgrade for your fabric and other porous furniture systems to make your office environment safe and protected from germs.
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3-Wheel go! Mobile™

The three-wheel go! Mobile™ allows you to break up tight spaces by sliding a board between desks to create separation and private writing surfaces on each side.
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go! Mobile™

Designed to be the most designer-friendly mobile glassboard ever, go! Mobile™ is the perfect solution for easily dividing any open work environment.
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Flex™ Wall

A freestanding glassboard wall system with a fully integrated, omnidirectional wheel system built into the base that allows Flex to roll easily from room to room.
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Flex™ Mobile

Flex Mobile is the most elegantly designed, functional glassboard on wheels ever brought to the market.
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Tops by Clarus® lets you replace existing work surfaces with healthier, non-porous material and seamless edges.
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Our original glassboard, Float is the perfect solution to replace porous fabric tackboards or traditional whiteboards in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
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A writing tool and projection surface all in one. Three years in the making, you get a designer-quality glassboard with cinema-quality projection.
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Are you ready to make the necessary changes in your office that will help keep your employees safe? Do you need these new solutions quickly? You’re in luck.
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