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Clarus Timber Wood Frame And Finish

Timber – Your Favorite Clarus™ Products Framed In Wood

Modern interiors are being built and crafted with more natural materials than ever before. This trend introduces warmth and sustainable materials into design and is quickly becoming the norm, which inspired Clarus to combine natural, organic materials with the beauty of glass.

Welcome, Timber. The latest Clarus product frames our premium collaboration tools in gorgeous, natural, solid wood. Perfectly in keeping with the trend toward a more natural, organic aesthetic in the interior design community, the Timber Line belongs in any space.

The wood-framed glassboards are hand-crafted, fully customizable, and offered in three different wood finishes to complement any design – white oak, walnut, and soft maple.

The switch from strict, stark design to a more natural, earthly feel seems relatively simple – natural, even. But this new trend presents a challenge. How do you combine modern aesthetics and the award-winning minimal-look designers love about Clarus?

Timber answers the call, inspiring unique ideas and unbridled imagination with the world’s premier brainstorming canvas, while staying true to a timeless aesthetic in the office space. As natural as the ideas that will cover its surface, Timber is a modern-day collaboration tool built of organic materials – easily fitting into the new, natural design trend while simultaneously providing the best visual communication tools.

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