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6 Colors and What They Bring to the Office

Color is bold; it affects everything it touches. It ignites emotions, changes moods, and communicates value – all on a subconscious level. Research shows that color also impacts employees’ productivity and satisfaction within the workplace. Interior designers and other space planning experts spend years learning to harness the power of color and use it in an impactful way.

The research is compiled and the answers are uncovered – using the most popular Clarus™ glassboard colors, the list below explains the impact of colorful design.

Popular Yellow.

This bright, sunshine yellow makes people feel warm and joyful. It is one of the most energizing colors in the world. Adding a splash of yellow to someone’s desk or the breakroom creates alertness, enthusiasm, and allows them to solve problems quicker. With a burst of yellow to kick start and revamp your thought processes – think how much more one could accomplish.

Brilliant Blue.

Add some blue to your workspace and reduces stress. Blue helps people remain steady and productive, even during high stress times. Even having a rich blue in your peripheral vision can boost productivity and refresh your mind.

Resolute Red.

Choosing the right red can be difficult for the office. Bright reds can ignite anger quickly, raise blood pressure, and even increase metabolism – but taking the time to choose a calmer, less saturated red, designers can “stimulates the brain.” An intentional office design with a muted red sparks initiative – and everybody could use an extra boost of creativity and job satisfaction from time to time.

Popular Orange.

Orange is in red’s family, but unlike its cousin, orange add a friendly tone to the office — creating a more inviting, social environment. If red is a bit too powerful for the workspace, go with a muted orange that will quickly energize and ready the eyes for the hours of important work ahead.

Gallant Green.

Green is a cool color that promotes harmony and peaceful feelings within the workplace. With collaboration and teamwork as the main focus of the modern office, accenting your office design in green brings a dose of unity. Cladding the office in a natural green reducing stress and anxiety, encouraging tranquility and even friendship among the team.

The Neutrals – Warm Beige and Storm Gray.

Need a more neutral color to pair with brighter selections? Our Warm Beige and Storm Gray are formal, classic colors that pair well with any color. Choose from the browns and grays in Clarus’ neutral palette, pair it with your bright hues, and voila – employees will feel a boost of energy and increase in determination at the same time.

With Clarus writable glass surfaces, you can design beautiful, collaboration surfaces with an intentional splash of color to boost employees’ satisfaction. choose any color to brand your glassboard and bring brainstorming and productivity into your office space. Pick a color; you can’t go wrong!

To learn more about Colors by Clarus™, visit the CBC landing page.