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Promoting Collaboration in Academic Library of the Future

Now that virtually all the world’s information is available to anyone with a computer or mobile device, will libraries become obsolete? If recent trends continue, reports of the library’s death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, many academic libraries have experienced significantly increased patron use in recent years. What’s needed is a new model for university libraries that addresses the isolation often felt by students conducting internet searches and writing papers in their dorm rooms.

The modern university library is transitioning into much more than a place to store books and old film. The new academic library is a welcoming forum, encouraging students to collaborate, socialize, create, debate, and experience learning and discovery in a multitude of meaningful ways.

Ask nearly anyone in higher education, and they will tell you that learning isn’t limited to the classroom, library, or lab. Students, professors, and administrators interact formally and informally campus-wide. That’s why colleges are investing heavily in new multi-purpose facilities that address the non-academic side of campus life. The library of the future focuses on these “spaces between,” increasing the potential for the spontaneous interactions that are fundamental to a holistic education. “High tech” tools will never completely replace a “high touch” academic experience.

As learning becomes more team oriented, there is a new demand for multipurpose student collaboration spaces. Libraries that adopt an open design concept will need tools like collaboration pods because they provide areas for small groups of students to meet and exchange ideas.

Clarus™ glassboards are another state-of-the-art collaboration tool for libraries. These beautiful, architectural surfaces attract the attention of students and encourage creative brainstorming. The easy cleaning and anti-microbial properties of this durable material stand up to the wear and tear of student use far better than an old-fashioned whiteboard. And with ColorDrop™ technology and the ability to print high res, Clarus can even brand any board to match an institution’s culture or design aesthetic. That’s why SUNY Stony Brook recently made the move to glass with the installation of beautiful Clarus glassboards in the Mendelsohn Quad.

Today, schools compete to attract the best students. A modern academic library with leading-edge tools and aesthetics is an important marketing tool, attracting the top high school seniors colleges and universities are vying for. Clarus Glassboards are one way for a university library to stand out. To learn more about how Clarus Glassboards can augment your library spaces, visit today!