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Do you hear that? That’s the sound of silence.

go! Mobile™ isn’t just a double-sided glassboard anymore. Add acoustic sound absorption panels to the back of your go! Mobile, and silence the chaos of the modern office.

Silence isn’t just golden; it’s necessary.

Take your collaborative surface with you wherever you go, and tone down the noise in the open office. A quiet space initiates productive collaboration.

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Gomobile Acoustic Three Image Section Small Image Two
Gomobile Acoustic Three Image Section Large Image
Pick Your Color

If a quieter workplace sounds good to you — all you need to do is pick your color*!

*XL acoustic panels available in Light Gray and Medium Gray only.

  • White Swatch
  • Silver Gray Swatch
    Silver Gray
  • Ivory Swatch
  • Beige Swatch
  • Orange Swatch
  • Red Swatch
  • Purple Swatch
  • Royal Blue Swatch
    Royal Blue
  • Dark Blue Swatch
    Dark Blue
  • Navy Blue Swatch
    Navy Blue
  • Dark Green Swatch
    Dark Green
  • Light Gray Swatch
    Light Gray
  • Medium Gray Swatch
    Medium Gray
  • Black Swatch
Felt With Style

Choose from five, elegant patterns of Clarus acoustic panels.

Clarus acoustic panels are made from recycled materials. Each subtle pattern increases the surface area of the felt and allows for exponentially more sound absorption.

Build your go! Acoustic

  • Triangle Grid Acoustic Felt Style
    Triangle Grid
  • Bow Ties Acoustic Felt Style
    Bow Ties
  • Crescents Acoustic Felt Style
  • Square-Tangle Acoustic Felt Style
  • Vertical Stack Acoustic Felt Style
    Vertical Stack
Over 150 Unique Clarus Colors

Customize your go! Mobile Acoustic with any color to match your unique branding with Colors by Clarus, or provide your own custom color match. Clarus has the tightest color accuracy tolerances in the entire industry!


Our proprietary glass printing technology allows us to print any graphics in stunning full color. With ColorDrop, you’re not limited to just logos and text. Your designs will look amazing on a Clarus glassboard!

Frame It

Choose the perfect frame finish for your go! Mobile Acoustic

  • White
  • Satin Silver
  • Bone
  • Warm Grey
  • Cool Grey
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Teracotta
  • Navy
  • Deep Teal
  • Dark Green
  • Burgundy
  • Jet Black
  • Soft Maple Timber Frame
    Soft Maple
  • White Oak Timber Frame
    White Oak
  • Walnut Timber Frame
Make It Go

No go! Mobile is complete without wheels. Customize yours with one of our four caster colors.

  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Red
Gomobile Aoustic Bottom Section Size Image
Gomobile Acoustic Size M Image
Gomobile Acoustic Size Xl Image

Did we mention it comes in two sizes*?

go! Mobile Acoustic is available in two sizes to fit your on the go collaboration needs.

*XL acoustic panels available in Light Gray and Medium Gray only.

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Clarus Glass

  • 5/32″ Clarus tempered safety writing glass
  • Non-staining writing surface
  • Compatible with any marker, even permanent
  • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish and eased corners for safety

Colors & Printing

Colors by Clarus

  • 150+ standard colors
  • Unlimited options with Clarus’ color-matching ability


  • Custom logos, patterns, and artwork printing
  • Direct-to-glass, high resolution, UV printing is guaranteed to never fade or discolor

Frame Finishes

Bold Colors

  • Broad spectrum of beautiful, richly finished color
    frame options
  • Constructed from premium, powder-coated steel


  • Premium wood frame options
  • Handcrafted from solid wood, responsibly harvested in
    the USA

Caster Colors

  • Four colors to perfectly complement your frame finish
    and glass color


  • M (40″ x 73″)
  • XL (60″ x 73″)

Acoustic Panels

  • 14 unique colors* and 5 panel styles
  • 9mm Clarus acoustic felt
  • Made of recycled materials, recyclable product
  • Fire rating: ASTM E84 Class A
  • Noise Reduction Coeffi cient (NRC) of .8
  • Reduces office chatter

*XL acoustic panels available in Light Gray and Medium Gray only.


  • Clarus glass is available in both magnetic and
    non-magnetic finishes