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Why Would Anyone Use a Window Instead of a Glassboard?

Have you ever used a window to collaborate? Offices and classrooms, inventive employees and teachers have often enlisted the help of glass windows to facilitate their thoughts drawn out that would otherwise be placed on a whiteboard. Yet, it’s not the best medium for ideas – for a handful of reasons.

Sun Glare and Dirt Stains – There’s no way to eliminate the glare streaming in through the window you’ve chosen for your brainstorm. Even if you’ve decided to work off of a tinted window or one with a film coating over it, it’s difficult to read anything without the benefit of a crisp and clear backing. It’s a challenge to control the cleanliness or clarity of the window’s exterior. Plus, you’re obstructing your own view from the office, not to mention that the view of someone else is obstructed to whatever you’ve written.

Clarus™ glassboards are sleek and shiny rather than dirty and dull. Its clean lines and concealed mounting hardware make a great option for private offices and collaborative spaces, alike. And if you chose to work on the window, because you like to forge your own space, than the Clarus go! Mobile™ board is the solution for you.

Upkeep – Let’s say you’ve spent all day in a conference room generating ideas for a big client on the window; it happens. Your team isn’t done brainstroming but you’re almost there. You pack up and leave for the day, forgetting that as soon as you step off the elevator, the building’s cleaning staff is stepping in to clean the office. Did you take a picture? Does the cleaning staff know not to clean up your scribbles? It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now your window art is about to create a little more work for everybody involved.

With Clarus glassboards, you get a superior product and a designated space with which to exercise your best ideas. Clarus custom builds each and every product, so that it fits seamlessly into your preexisting space.

Condensation – In older buildings especially, such as homes and schools, humidity will condense on any window, if the conditions are right. The interior vapor can be destructive to your paneling and windowsills – but it can also destroy your artwork if you’re not careful – or even worse, it will contribute to ghosting, which is the faded remnants of past markings. You may as well have handed permanent markers to you kids to play with, in that case.

Clarus glassboards are anti-microbial or ready-made, sanitized. Your window, on the other hand is constantly used, as a white board for play that likely isn’t able to boast the same. You don’t want that condensation stewing germs do you?

Again, Cleanliness – You may not realize that every time you write on your window, you scuff it up. Windows aren’t made to be written on, after all; not to mention that you can’t control the wind damage and unpredictable debris at work on the window’s exterior side. Glass whiteboards, however comprise of natural, tempered glass and have a high resistance to scuffs and scratches. Naturally easy to clean and impossible to stain or streak – Clarus glassboards will last you for life – looking impeccable.

Safety – This is probably the most overlooked fact when it comes to glassboards. An incredible amount of work goes into ensuring safety of glass products. From state-of-the-art tempering ovens, to proper handling techniques, to the integral bond between glass, coatings, and hardware – this is something that absolutely cannot be overlooked. If you’re handling glass frequently (and writing on windows is included in this), the best practices must be adhered to. That’s why Clarus glassboards are ideal – they are specifically engineered for repeated use, handling, erasing, and presentation.

In 1903, a French scientist accidentally discovered the formula for shatter proof glass when he elbowed a flask coated in cellulose nitrate off of his desk or shelf; depending on who tells the story. The glass didn’t break. Six years later, Édouard Bénédictus introduced a dual-layered, shatter proof glass windshield to the automotive industry. It was the last time any window could boast being truly inspired.

It’s time you take your ideas down off the window and re-write them where they belong: on a glassboard.

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