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How glass whiteboards can give your students an edge

It’s that time of year again—back to school. This is a hectic time of year for students, teachers, and parents. For parents, you’ve got to load the kids up and hunt for school supplies, get organized, make lunches again, and send them off. For teachers, you’ve got to organize and stock your classroom while preparing for a whole new year with new students.

Dealing with a new year of school, it is difficult to stay organized, whether you’re in the classroom or at home. The kids are dealing with all the changes, which mean that all that organization may soon be messy again. Glass whiteboards can help give students an edge in the classroom and at home.

As a teacher, how many uses do you have for bulletin boards? You can use them to keep calendars, assign classroom chores, and fun theme projects for display. However, this classroom tool has limited use, and push pins can pose a hazard to kids, especially younger ones susceptible to choking hazards. A great alternative is the glass whiteboard, which has many flexible uses. You can customize your glass whiteboard with magnetic glass, easily tacking things with magnets rather than sharp and easily dislodged pins. Other customization includes fun colors or a template design, which can be a calendar format or whatever your classroom needs may be. Other uses in the classroom include:

· Student highlight—every week, you can choose to spotlight a student for a good deed or other reasons for commendation. This could be the birthday kids of the month or whoever gained the most reading points last week.

· Up front display—school administrators should take note that a glass whiteboard can be a nice alternative to traditional whiteboards or chalkboards. These boards look nice, and will last as long as the wall its hanging on. For something you’re using with kids, this has a lot of value—traditional whiteboards tend to crack and stain.

· Homework board—designate your glass whiteboard for assigning homework, writing the day’s assignment for every student to take note of.

At home, whiteboards can be great for both homework and family management. Put the whiteboard in a spot that everyone in the family will see to help communicate rides to and from school, sports games, reminders, or trade notes that need to be signed. Or, use it in the designated homework area for some erasable work space that the kids will have a lot of fun using.

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