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Benefits of Buying Glass Whiteboards

Owning a glass whiteboard can be one of the best decisions you make for your company, but like any investment, you want to make sure you’ll reap the benefits of your purchase. We already know that glass whiteboards look great in homes, classrooms and offices and we’ve written about their durability test, which proved the boards can withstand blows from footballs, hammers, and even two by fours. So what’s so great about these boards anyways? Why would you spend the extra money on a glass whiteboard?

Cleanliness – One of the biggest selling features of a glass whiteboard is the cleanliness of the board and the ease of use. Glass whiteboards are unlike any other board because they’re made from natural, tempered glass and have a high resistance to scuffs and scratches. These boards are impossibly easy to clean and never stain or streak. That’s right, you can even throw paint, permanent market, grease pens, you name it, and you can probably mark it on the glass whiteboard. Since these boards are virtually stain-proof, you can literally own the board for as long as your own your company or building!

Environmentally Friendly – Not only are glass whiteboards easy to clean, but they’re environmentally friendly to boot. That’s right, glass whiteboards are one of the best things you can do for your office and your world. Traditional whiteboards are made of pressboard, which are chopped up pieces of tiny pieces of boards that have been chemically molded and shaped into boards. These whiteboards are then coated in another chemical layer before they finally become the traditional shiny, mystery whiteboards that we all know. Our tempered glassboards have no mystery pieces to them; they’re made from 100% tempered glass and are completely environmentally friendly.

Incredibly Durable – So what else could you ask for from a clear dry erase board that offers a clean, environmentally-friendly surface? Durability. This is one of the questions we get asked all of the time; how durable are your boards? We’ve already explained that they withstood the hammer, golf ball and metal pipe test, but how is the question? These boards are strengthened to up to ten times stronger than regular glass through a heating, cooling and chemical tempering process. These boards become some of the most durable pieces of glass you can find, and on the off chance that you can actually break a glass whiteboard, you’ll be please to know that the pieces pebble into small, safer shards to prevent injury.

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