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Our Commitment to Quality, Integrity & Innovation

Clarus Glassboards™ Sheer Operator David Clegg has an important job in manufacturing glassboards. Clarus™ has a responsibility to designers, architects, facility managers and builders to manufacture precise, aesthetically-inspired products. Cutting magnetized steel to the specifications of standard glassboards and those customized alike, Clegg brings personal craftsmanship to every board.

Clegg’s work makes a real difference – as he points out, Clarus’ attention to detail and American manufacturing means a superior product. But as a teammate, Clegg also shines a light on the collaborative spirit of the company.

Above the shipping bay at Clarus Glassboards in Fort Worth, Texas is a sign that says:

“Only our best leave through these doors.”

It also cites “The Clarus Way” which means quality, integrity and innovation – leading at every level.

Breaking down those components of the Clarus promise, it’s easy to find proof in the product.

Quality: Clarus Glassboards makes its own glass. It only works with iron-extracted tempered glass which brings a durability unmatched. Have you ever seen glass this strong? Now that’s quality!


Integrity: Clarus™ wins with integrity on multiple levels. First, the ‘On the Wall Promise’ gives customers and specifiers the peace of mind to know they will be thrilled with their Clarus products. When accidents happen, Clarus doesn’t split hairs – replacement is always the first option considered. Next, being vertically integrated, Clarus controls each step within the manufacturing process, with the philosophy of “every millimeter matters.” Clarus also follows LEED best practices in sourcing and manufacturing products. The Clarus coatings process, for example, was specifically designed to ensure recyclability.

Innovation: From the four-way z-clip which enables any orientation for Clarus Glassboards and 6500 lbs strength proven by third-party load-testing, to the Flip product which won Interior Design’s 2015 ‘Best of Year’ award, Clarus is at the vanguard of innovation in glass. Innovation is demonstrated not only in beautifully simple and functional design, such as the go! Mobile™, but also the customization Clarus quietly executes for countless customers. Think your glassboard dreams are too unique? Call Clarus.

With professionals like David Clegg making Clarus products, ‘Quality, Integrity, and Innovation’ is in good hands. As a company that manufactures 100% of its products under its own roof, the ‘Clarus Way’ means shorter lead times, precision in manufacturing, feedback loops for product innovation, service, and a quality promise for every customer. Watch the video to hear it from Mr. Clegg himself!