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Best Tools for Thriving Offices

It’s no secret that some businesses continue to thrive in this economy, when it seems like so many others are still struggling. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that successful businesses are run differently than unsuccessful ones. Efficiency, customer service and a strong, recognizable brand are three extremely important factors in your business’ success. So what kinds of tools can improve all three? Let’s explore:

Lobby Area – A lobby may not seem like a big deal to a beginner company, but it can make a huge difference to the kind of impression you give off to potential clients and customers. Are they greeted by a secretary and offered water or coffee? It may seem like an unnecessary expense for some businesses, but successful companies understand that making their customers feel relaxed and comfortable helps make their entire experience feel more enjoyable. In this economy, thriving businesses know that the little things can make a huge difference, and if they don’t do these things, their competition will.

Filing system – Another given, it may seem, but keeping track of your customers is extremely important. Some home-town businesses or “mom and pop” shops may know their customers so well that they don’t need to keep track, but for larger businesses it’s a great idea to keep track of your customers. This may be a file including their information, their preferences and any comments or concerns they’ve had in the past. This is especially important for growing businesses, or ones that may have a high turnover rate, since your employees may be new and unfamiliar with long-time customers. A filing system is an easy way to stay organized, look organized, and keep your customers happy all at once.

Glassboards – Professional offices require professional tools, and a glassboard is one of the most sleek and useful tools you can use in your office. Not only are they great for internal production meetings, scheduling and brainstorming, but they can be used during a presentation or meeting with clients. The great thing about glassboards is that they’re incredibly durable and never streak or stain. glass whiteboards remain clean and clear, which helps them camouflage back into the walls once you no longer need them. A glassboard may be a bit more expensive than a traditional whiteboard, but considering they last much longer, the investment is worth it. Not only will you have the board for years, but you will brand yourself as a modern and professional office that knows how to keep up with the trends, if not set them.

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