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Best Ways to Communicate with your Employees

We all know that communication can make or break a team, especially in the professional world. Communication is the best way to work through problems, complete the task at hand and promote growth. Almost all problems begin as soon as the lines of communication break down. Stay connected with your employees by using these quick and easy communication tools.

Rules and Regulations – One of the best ways to communicate with your employees is to set a list of expected behaviors and guidelines. Having a written list of rules and regulations is very important when outlining how your business will be operated. In these rules, you can include communication. Something along the lines of “I will set up a private meeting to discuss personal business matters with my boss” or “Employees will be expected to attend and be active participants in weekly meetings to improve processes.”

Office Whiteboard – Whiteboards can be helpful in so many ways around the office. They can help with scheduling conflicts, they can be used to promote sales, and they can even be used to write scripts and important memos for phone conversations. Another great use for a glass marker board can be a “job well done” section, where you can allow employees to compliment each other’s work. While it may seem elementary, positive reinforcement is a great motivator for employees.

Office Memos – If you’re having a specific problem with one or more employees an office memo may help solve the problem. An office memo is great for communicating because you don’t need to call someone out specifically, which can embarrass or dishearten them. Office memos are just helpful reminders of new or old processes, which may require closer attention.

Team Meetings – Team meetings are a great way to open the floor of communication. Make sure the meeting goes in a productive direction by allowing employees to offer their comments and concerns without pointing fingers or naming names. Don’t allow any bullying or teaming up, each employee is entitled to their own opinion, but they should articulate their feelings separately, not be able to simply agree with others.

Anonymity – Communication should be a two-way street, and if you’re not willing to take constructive criticism, you may find yourself turning over too many employees. Employees like to feel valued, and know that their opinions matter. Setting up a recommendation box can be a great way to communicate with your employees. Set some guidelines, such as “no cursing, must be constructive, if you see a problem offer a solution” and let them start giving feedback.

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