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Best Ways to “Go Green” in your Office

“Going green” seems to be the newest trend; you can go green at home, go green in the community and even go green at work. While some people may turn up their nose at this new eco-friendly trend, what they may not understand is that many sustainable living choices save you money in the long-run. Here are some easy tips to turn your office into an efficient and cost-saving “green” space:

Recycling Recycling is an obvious way to start being more environmentally friendly, and there are many ways to get going. Start by placing recycling bins around the office for employees and customers. You wouldn’t believe how many water bottles and soda cans get thrown away every day. Another great way to use recycling is by buying recycled printing paper or paper towels. Lastly, recycle outdated items instead of tossing them; you can recycle old printers, copiers and computers.

Go Paperless Whenever possible, try going paperless. This can help cut down on office costs quite a bit over the course of a year. Allow customers and employees to opt-in to a paperless program and share the savings with them.

Sustainable Products Did you know you can buy environmentally friendly glass glass marker boards and magnetic boards? That’s right, not only can you buy large products like glassboards, tables and chairs, but they even sell environmentally friendly files, folders and post-it notes.

Cleaning Products Cleaning your office with green products not only saves the environment, but you can save money and stay healthier by using green cleaning products. Instead of filling your office with chemicals and odd products, you can even use vinegar or baking soda, which will definitely cut costs.

Telecommute Whenever possible, allow your employees to work from home. Not only are they saving you operating costs of lights, A/C and electricity, but you’re saving multiple car drives to the office. Employees love telecommuting because they can avoid traffic, save time and focus more easily on their work when at home.

Carpooling When you can’t allow your employees to telecommute for the day promote a carpooling program to help save on gas. You can give incentives to employees on top of them benefitting from the gas savings and using the carpool lane.

Video Conferencing Whenever possible, video conference with other offices instead of commuting by car or plane. This will easily save the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars instead of running down a company car or adding travel expenses of a plane, hotel and meals.

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