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Best whiteboards for offices

Whiteboards have become a staple for not only classrooms and homes, but office spaces alike. Their durability, longevity and sleek look can turn a boring office into a productive and useful workspace. When it comes to whiteboards though, you have plenty of options. So how do you know which board is right for your office? Here are a few boards to consider:

Traditional Whiteboards – A traditional whiteboard works just fine in a temporary or inexpensive space; the white glossy board is not the most attractive option, but it tends to be cheaper and your office will look like a standard back office. There are thousands of manufacturers to choose from, but if you’re going with this outdated version, we suggest you price shopping and paying as little as possible, since you will surely need to replace it in the next five to seven years.

Glass Whiteboards – Glass whiteboards are the superior whiteboards for a number of reasons; you can have them personalized to your office, they are durable and clean, and you will never have to throw them away because of staining or ghosting—meaning you can have one for as long as you want to keep it.

Back-painted Boards – A back-painted board is another high-end board that is great for the more innovative and styled office. These boards can be painted in a traditional black or white color to mimic old-fashioned chalkboards and whiteboards, but if you’re going to have your board back-painted, we suggest a bright color to liven up the office. Many companies go with their company colors to add a bright pop of branding to their space.

Floor to Ceiling Boards – Floor to ceiling boards are great for the office that is constantly brainstorming, or designing life-sized products. Having a floor to ceiling whiteboard may seem like a waste of space, but for some offices, visualization is everything. Seeing a product or a list of ideas cover an entire wall can be complete inspiration.

Interactive Whiteboards – If your company is successful or growing, you probably find yourself constantly training new and old employees. Training can be great for any company, as it gets your employees on the same page, empowers them to know and understand their positions and how they contribute to the company and greatly reduces any major, debilitating mistakes from happening. Interactive glass whiteboards are a great tool for teaching your employees; you can connect to the internet or even special software, and it can even become a very hands-off experience for the instructor. After the training sessions are complete, you can use the interactive whiteboard for office meetings, brainstorming sessions, and employee scheduling, just like a regular whiteboard.

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