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Clarus™ Adhesion Testing: Hanging on Every Word

Designing stunning glassboards isn’t the extent of the Clarus operation. Besides extending an unmatched level of customer service to clients, we also pride ourselves on our cutting edge manufacturing process. Through our search for granular, replicable, and audited load testing, we sought the assistance of a third-party testing lab. The study was overseen by Architectural Testing, Inc., a prestigious independent testing and standards firm acquired by Intertek in 2013. Architectural Testing sought to discover how glassboard adhesives and bonding between glass and paint sustained their integrity under extraordinary pressure.

To give some background on adhesive testing, the purpose is to produce a failure in the coating. The adhesives should first be pre-tested on coating to ensure there isn’t a visible change produced by the adhesive. This is critical to these tests. If there is a change it can invalidate the results.

The main goal in initiating this study was to highlight our transparency and excellence. By placing our glassboards horizontally in a jig with a load-bearing ram applying constant force, the thresholds at which the adhesions failed could be measured and documented. By the end of the study our average load was a stunning 6,514 pounds over three separate tests. It should be noted the specimen used in the study had been tempered and back-painted through our reciprocating spray engines.

Wise architects, designers, specifiers, and facility managers know that in order to create beautiful and productive environments, there is no substitute for the highest caliber products. In order to remain confident that your products will maintain durability and quality over time, third-party load testing is essential. It provides needed transparency and confidence. All parties involved in the purchase and use of the visual communication tool can be assured their glassboards will last. The study performed by ATI shows our glassboards have set an industry standard that others will be hard-pressed to match. Still, we urge all professionals to recruit the service of third-party testers to follow our lead in transparency within the industry.