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Clarus Glassboards™ and the Easy Install

Turn your antiquated, twentieth century office spaces into creative hotspots by ditching the whiteboard for a sleek, contemporary Clarus Glassboard. You can hang it almost anywhere and write with any marker you want. Best of all, installation is a cinch. The sleek design of a Clarus Glassboard begins with its simple installation that requires no blocking.

What is Blocking?

When hanging any fixtures to walls, facility managers are trained to ask if wall-blocking is necessary. Blocking is a general term for the use of short pieces of dimensional lumber in wood framed construction. These blocks are used to reinforce drywall or sheetrock that will be bearing an excessive load on precise mounting points. In most instances, blocking requires re-framing, re-sheetrocking, and ultimately re-painting the wall – not to mention all of the cleanup during and after construction.

Do Clarus Boards Require Blocking?

Clarus Float™ and Surround Glassboards are mounted to a wall using a Z-Bar and our patented TruMount clips. Not only can you mount a glassboard in any orientation you desire, the clips and included bracketry disperse the weight evenly. That means your glassboard doesn’t require any special wall reinforcement: no blocking.* Our Depth Glassboards come standard with anchor clips as well to ensure no additional reinforcement is required.

It’s the magic of physics.

How Strong is the Z-Bar?

While the adhesion between the glass, paint, and TruMount clips is integral, the Z-Bar also plays a significant role in a secure mounting of your glassboard. Each Z-Bar disperses the hanging weight of a glassboard (which can weigh anywhere from 25 to 225 pounds, depending on size and features).

Float and Surround Glassboards are hung using two lengths of Z-Bar on the wall, which are attached to the drywall using the provided screws and wall anchors. This hardware can withstand over 400 pounds of force at each hanging point. There can be up to 4 or 5 hanging points per Z-Bar.

We’ll do the math. This means that means a single Z-Bar on a 4’ x 10’ glassboard can withstand 1600 lbs. of force. For good measure, we include a second Z-Bar. That’s over 3,200 lbs. of force for a board that weighs less than 250 lbs. Not only can your Clarus Board be hung to the wall with confidence, it can withstand the bumps and bruises that can happen in any office.

Customized just for you

A modern, innovative workspace tells customers and prospective business partners you follow the trends. More importantly, it tells your own employees that you’re interested in them, and in their creative thinking.

In the last few years we’ve helped thousands of companies set a contemporary, creative tone in their workspaces by installing Clarus Glassboards. Our clients represent some of the most successful organizations in the world. We cater to businesses large and small, from multiple industry segments across the globe.

A creative work environment stimulates the mind and inspires innovative thinking. Make your work environment a more creative place – start building your Clarus Board today!

*Extreme sizes (4’ x 11’ magnetic and larger) may require wall blocking; consult with your Clarus Rep if you’re unsure!