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State of New York Chooses Clarus™!

Employees of the State of New York: prepare yourselves for a surge of creativity and collaboration, a shot of elegance and sophistication. Why? Because Clarus Glassboards™ was recently awarded the New York State Contract.

That means the sleek, modern, innovative, and award-winning glassboards designed and manufactured by Clarus will be available to energize more offices and workspaces of government buildings throughout the state. Along with all the hardware comes Clarus’s team of service-dedicated, solutions-oriented individuals—thinkers and designers and talented problem-solvers—all of them committed to helping New York state agencies find the glassboard solution that best suits their needs.

Meant to Be

Since 2009, Clarus has quickly become the leading designer of innovative glass dry erase boards and architectural systems in North America. Its portfolio of clientele is a veritable list of who’s who in the corporate, entertainment, hospitality, and education industries. By choosing Clarus, the state of New York joins a host of top government agencies that have likewise made the selection, including NASA, Smithsonian, U.S. Army, U.S. Airforce, Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency, just to name a few.

The contract will enable public institutions throughout New York to shop our award winning product line, including go! Mobile, winner of the 2014 “Best of NeoCon for Innovation” by Contract Magazine and 2013 “Best of Year” by Interior Design Magazine. And when they’re done shopping, it will enable them to collaborate like they’ve never done before.

The Clarus Advantage

Clarus Glassboards may have outgrown the garage, but the desire to go above and beyond for every client continues to drive and inspire the company to new and greater heights. Clarus Glassboards are guaranteed to never ghost, stain, or fade and to last the life of your wall. Just as impressive, is the fact that customized options are available with only two-week lead times. Companies that pick Clarus can change can the entire mood and vibe of their office workspaces before the end of the next pay period!

Give your office workspace a creative boost by ordering a Clarus glassboard today!

Contract Details and Contact Information

Contract #: PC67610
Federal ID #: 26-4738270
NYS Vendor ID #: 1100027928
Product Categories: Dry Erase Boards

Local Sales Team:
New York City
Lana Kleter
(212) 851-6902

Upstate New York
Todd Girvin
(518) 608-4848

Contract Administrator:
Kevin Froehlich
(817) 541-8147 – direct line
(682) 626-5344 – fax

Orders: Order Entry/Clarus Glassboards
(817) 541-8147 – direct line
(682) 626-5344 – fax