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Branding your Office

Unless you’re a marketing or advertising company, you may not understand the importance of branding your company. Branding goes much farther than a logo and a color, branding is your company’s image, what it stands for, what it values and believes in. Branding your business is an important step in creating a reputable and profitable company. A few great ways to brand you company are:

Beyond the Logo – When you think of McDonald’s or Wal-Mart, you can clearly visualize their logo and colors, even the typeface they use for their name is very distinct. Big companies who have successfully branded their image can easily remove the company name and everyone would still know what company it was. When you’re branding, don’t just think of color and logo, but think of the kind of emotion you want to elicit. A spa, for instance, may want a relaxing brand of pastels and flowing lines, whereas a night club would want the exact opposite.

Mixed Media – All forms of print and electronic media should be branded to fit your company’s ideals. If you have business cards and a website, they should look very similar. The same should go for any flyers or presentations that you give out to clients. They should be able to use your business card as a guide to finding your website, your physical location and even your ads. Once all forms of media are tied together, you need to make the feeling internal by branding your offices and workspaces.

Office – Your office should carry out the branding of your company, whether clients and customers will be visiting or not. Branding your office is a great way to show your employees that you’re the kind of business they want to work for. If you’re a cutting-edge, innovative company, you will want your employees to always be thinking outside the box. To do this, you want a creative atmosphere. Using a clear dry erase board and an industrial workspace can help put your employees in a innovative and forward-thinking mentality the second they walk in the office.

Mission – Not only should the office look a certain way, but the mentality of the owners and operators should be united. Creating and following corporate mission statements helps to show what you value as a company. If customer and community service are important, keep it in the mission statement and make sure that your employees practice it daily. A brand should be an all-encompassing feel for your entire company, and starting internally is one of the best branding techniques.

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