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Glassboard Builder Demonstrates Customization Possibilities

Clarus™ believes that customers should have the ability to customize their experience with Clarus. We are passionate about building beautiful products for great architecture, efficient healthcare, and ROI driving facility management. For a product to integrate with its environment and become a part of the brand itself, customization is paramount.

That’s why we added the Clarus Glassboard Builder to our website. Detailed in this video by Clarus Glassboards’ VP of Marketing, Bryce Stuckenschneider, the Builder puts the designer or the buyer in the drivers seat. With over 150 colors to choose from, products ranging from the Go! Mobile™, to the award-winning Flip™, to the classic Float™, Depth, and even the market-leading Healthboard product, the builder is the destination for configuring the glassboard that is right for you.

In a recent blog post, we identified that there are actually over 163,000 options to configure. But with the ability to add custom printing, like for example your logo or other brand trademarks, the opportunities to customize are truly endless.

And most importantly, building your own glassboard is fun. So take a moment to hear Bryce’s thoughts on our world class Builder tool and build your glass board today.