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Clarus 2017 Year In Review

Clarus’ 2017: Year in Review

What a year 2017 was! We were trusted by countless brands and institutions to bring their design vision to life. Whether it was Ivy League schools, professional sports teams, or the hottest tech companies in the world, Clarus™ glassboards are in more places than ever before. As we sprint ahead into 2018, we wanted to look back on our most memorable moments from this year:

Raising the Bar – More Products than Ever Before

The Clarus R&D Team brought several products to market this year they have been developing for years. From a versatile family of mobile glassboards that can build unique workspaces to wrapping our products in beautiful, natural wood, 2017 was a year that took our product portfolio to the next level.

Clarus Goes Global

After years of significant demand and interest from architects and designers abroad, Clarus officially began building our international team in 2017. Clarus is building a team in the UK to service the emerging European opportunity. Adoption of glass writeable surfaces is ever-increasing in the UK and Europe, and our team on the ground is poised to help Clarus become the defacto writing surface of next-generation European office designs.

Cos Santullo Joins as CEO

Long-time Clarus board member, Cos Santullo, joined the senior management team this fall as the CEO of Clarus. Although Cos joined in an official capacity in 2017, his passion for Clarus dates back several years. He recognized potential in the trailblazing company and served on Clarus’ Board of Directors for more than two years. As a board member, he worked behind the scenes to advise the leadership team and challenge them to continue to grow at breakneck pace.

Hurricane Relief Efforts


We were overwhelmed by the devastation by hurricanes Harvey and Maria this year. We felt an obligation to step up and rally our industry to do something to aid in the relief efforts. We partnered with Interior Design Magazine and raised over $60,000 for hurricane relief. Teams of Clarus employees traveled to Houston to help clean out homes and neighborhoods. We partnered with a school in Puerto Rico that was devastated by Hurricane Maria – outfitting the entire school with glassboards and sending a team to help with cleanup and installation. We sold more glassboards than ever before in 2017, but these two projects were our proudest moments.