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Branding Athletic Facilities and Why It Matters

What does your brand say about you? Does the design of your space reflect the pride of your team?

For a facility expert, the athletic space functions as the powerhouse of recruitment, the epitome of a brand, and a “holy place” for boosters and fans. Basically, athletic facilities are epic, high-design studios, created specifically to boost morale, encourage hard work and precision, and generate excitement around a brand.

Here’s the bottom line – the look and feel of an athletic facility can make or break the way people interact with your brand. Whether it’s a coach, a booster, a prospective recruit, or even just an everyday fan, the facility’s design is integral for elevating the visitor’s experience.

With proprietary printing technology, Clarus™ adds logos, images, and graphics in full, high definition color, directly onto your glassboard – creating writing surfaces for any room in your facility. And the versatility of writable glass makes virtually any customization possible, from mobile or wall-mounted, colorful or simplistic, to writable and projectable all at the same time.

Sports teams across the world are catching onto the power of the glassboard to create unique interactions between staff and players:

The Dallas Mavericks printed their logo in high resolution to cover entire walls with glassboards in their facility and ignite visual communication within the space. The Wall2Wall was just a part of their “locker room of the future.”

K-State needed collaborative tools to create an interactive environment for their sports teams – so the designer printed their powerful purple logo on go! Mobiles that would roll from room to room, and is often brought onto the basketball for in-practice diagramming.


The Mizzou Tigers decked out their athletic facilities with go! Mobiles™ and wall-mounted boards, all for the purpose of elevating the player experience within the space – including their weight room.


Professional and college sports teams alike trust Clarus to elevate players’ experiences and interactions within athletic facilities. With unlimited customization options, glass brings brands to life.

Find out more about Clarus products, and see how our glass has already elevated thousands of brands across the world on our case studies page.