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Next Time, Dream Up Your Bracket on Clarus™ Glassboards

It’s over. March Madness has come to an end. Last night, Villanova victoriously cut the net and celebrated a narrow victory over the legendary North Carolina Tarheels. With coach Roy Williams at the helm, North Carolina plotted for a comeback, but in the end, Villanova was a team of destiny. This was perhaps most evident with their 95-51 blowout in the Final Four over Oklahoma – their season a Cinderella story in it’s own right.

As North Carolina watched confetti fall on Villanova last night, a teary-eyed Vince Lombardi quote came to mind:

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle…”

Unfortunately, the next word in that quote is “victorious.”

Most of us watching last night have the same emotion, but instead of missed shots and turnovers, something else was the cause – the bracket. Oh, the bracket. That thing that got busted in on fateful Thursday in round one, when, nationally, 99% of us incorrectly had Baylor beating Yale. And for many it was all downhill from there.

But that didn’t stop the drama. The fun. The watch parties. The texts. The crying Michael Jordan memes. What started as an office pool or group of friends became more than just a game. It was competition, collaboration, communication – and a fair amount of trash-talking along the way.

Clarus Glassboards™ celebrates the competition. No matter our alumni, regional or fan allegiance—chances are, we attend a college near you. From architecture to healthcare, and in many markets in between, Clarus glassboards are known for their aesthetic sophistication, durability, simplicity, and effectiveness. Yet, no matter what sector or industry, beating in the heart of our broad range of our market channels, you’ll the very schools you watched during the tournament.

In universities, facilities directors love Clarus for its durability and low-maintenance. As a product that can last for decades, it’s the only solution equipped to look the same decade after decade. Classes come and go, but glassboards will remain – like, campus spirit itself—an unwavering constant in the flux and flow of college life.

After all, Clarus understands that true value transcends the merely practical. Just as the value of college goes well beyond the practical benefits of career training, Clarus designs glassboards to be much more than durable, useful “tools” for presenting information. Like the architects who design campus halls, we design our Glassboards to blend into and shape the experience of college life. Sure, our glassboards offer new efficiency in the creation of visual presentations. But efficiency is only part of the picture. Students, alumni and fans don’t paint their faces for the sake of “efficiency.” And while Clarus makes durable displays, nobody ever tailgated because of an “adhesive load test.” What brings us together is school spirit – the brand, the community – behind school colors, mascots, logos and more.

The days of sterile, white and beige in the classroom are over. Fittingly, the more engaging environments started in sports, where fans demanded and funded the most beautiful – and branded – destinations on campus with football stadiums like Baylor University’s McLane Stadium. Educators within higher learning can bring the same fighting spirit seen in athletics to the classroom. School colors on a Glassboard at the front of class? Logos and mascots beautifully and seamlessly integrated with the experience? All standard issue with Clarus Glassboards’ education solutions.

In short – we can print anything, customize anything, and make your glassboards any color to match school spirit. Communication on Clarus glassboards enhances the very spirit of campus culture itself.

And campus spirit brings us back to March Madness. Brackets would look more beautiful, more compelling and appear much more strategic on a Clarus glassboard: The collaboration, the brainstorming, the indecisiveness—and, of course, the predictions—all presented so clearly and beautifully illustrated, people will mistake you for Andy Katz.

And, best of all, thanks to the clear-cleaning low porosity of Clarus’s high-quality glass surfaces – when you’re picks go wrong, you can simply erase them all without even the faintest trace.

After all, you picked Villanova to win.