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Clarus Glassboard V. Permanent Marker 1

Clarus™ Glassboard vs. Permanent Marker

We get asked all the time about whether or not permanent markers can erase from Clarus glass. Instead of telling you, we decided to show you!

Everyone knows you don’t write on a whiteboard with permanent marker. Traditional whiteboards are prone to staining, ghosting, and looking like a much different surface than the day you bought it. But how does a Clarus glassboard stack up? Check it out for yourself and watch our video.

Our glassboard takes on the permanent marker in battle and leaves without a blemish! It doesn’t matter what you throw at the Clarus glassboard. Dry erase marker? Standard Operating Procedure. Permanent Marker? Go for it. Paintball gun? Fire away. Body paint? HR has shut down testing, we will get back to you. Bottom line, whatever your meeting needs and whatever tool you happen to have, if there’s Clarus glassboard in the room, you’re good to go.