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Clarus™ Among Elite with ‘Builder Tool’ and 163,704 Options

There was a defining moment that changed the world of personalized technology forever. It wasn’t the launch of the iPhone, though that was epic. It wasn’t the launch of the personal computer or the tablet or the laptop. Instead, it was the 1998 launch of the colorful iMac. It spelled an end to the ‘beige boxes’ of the 80’s and 90’s.

And it began the era of the truly personal, personal computer. New demographics suddenly felt connected to their computers, by virtue of the personalized candy color iMac selections. The iMac was successful for its technology but even more successful for its personality. The consumer technology to follow continues to become more personalized with every generation.


The iMac did this on five choices: Orange, purple, blue, red and green.

Imagine what they could have done with 163,704 options. That, today, is a reality with the market-leading Clarus Glassboards™, perhaps the most configurable product in commercial interiors history.

And like the iMac, it is configuration and personalization on the heels of a white and beige market that make the glassboard so revolutionary. Architects, interior designers, facility managers, entrepreneurs, doctors – the world’s intellectual core are choosing glassboards for the personal reflection enabled through design.

Plastic, white and beige are no longer acceptable. Across industry, innovative manufacturers that use cutting edge techniques to customize products in the short-run are winning, by delivering more tailored solutions. Such processes, like rapid prototyping and 3D printing, are some of the fastest growing practices in manufacturing. 3D printing, the process of utilizing precise machinery to execute autonomously on custom designs with little need for tooling time and expense, will grow at 13.5% compound annual growth rate to become a $15.2 billion market by 2025. The demand for more custom, intimate solutions is clear.

Traditional whiteboards don’t meet this demand. Glass writing surfaces without personalization options don’t either. But with 163,704 options, Clarus glassboards can integrate or accent their surrounding environment, reaffirm brand colors or trade dress, bring custom shapes and functionality, and in the case of many custom implementations, as with Healthboards, deliver ‘inserts’ or markings that serve critical business functions for end-users.

In 2007, Nike opened its first NIKEiD studio at Niketown in New York, where consumers could, for the first time, order custom Nike shoes at scale. Said Trevor Edwards, Vice President, Brand and Category Mangement for Nike, “The world has changed. Consumers interact with brands on their own terms. The NIKEiD Studio enables consumers to create their expression of the Nike brand with the guidance of a skilled design consultant.” The brick and mortar service gave way to the NIKEiD web presence, today operating with the slogan “Ultra Cool. Made for You.” While the company doesn’t isolate NIKEiD revenues, it does represent a major part of their direct-to-consumer business, which is 22% of total revenue. And with $5 billion in annual online sales, NIKEiD and all things custom are key to their successful consumer engagement online. In visiting NIKEiD online, you can customize Nike shoes to the colors and configurations of your choosing. With an innovative builder tool, Nike brings creative design to everyone. We took a moment to imagine what a Nike design by Clarus might look like – see below. Note the Clarus branding!


The same builder option exists for Clarus glassboards here. You can build any of those 163,704 options, selecting shapes and sizes and colors, accessories and more. Designers, architects and end-users alike can choose from Clarus’ array of beautiful glassboard products such as the go! Mobile™, the stunning Float™, the classic Depth, the award-winning Flip™, and the even the Healthboard, which is improving patient-practitioner communication in healthcare facilities everywhere.


And Clarus can make your most creative, compelling designs a reality even faster than Nike, 4-6 week wait time. The Clarus quick-ship option means you can receive your custom glassboards in a measure of days, not weeks, and rumor has it, a phone call to 817-541-8130 can expedite the order further.

Check out the Clarus Quote tool and start building your dream glassboard today!