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Clarus Glassboards Can Transform Any Office Environment

Glassboards by Clarus will revolutionize the way you communicate with associates and customers. Old fashioned whiteboards are a thing of the past. Clarus dry-erase and architectural visual display systems are receiving rave reviews from a growing list of satisfied customers. There’s simply no better way to enhance the appearance and functionality of a professional office environment.

Cutting Edge Innovations

The leadership of a thriving business should always be on the lookout for innovations that promote teamwork and overall effectiveness. Cutting edge write-on surfaces provide a convenient way to communicate new ideas and vital information. No one wants to put up with a drab whiteboard when it’s time to collaborate and find solutions to customer problems. Clarus glassboards make it easy to get everyone involved in the brainstorming process.

It was a great day when whiteboards made it possible to get rid of those messy chalkboards. That was some time ago, but now it’s time to throw out the whiteboards. Clarus glassboards eliminate ghosting and allow you to use any kind of marker or grease pen to produce bright, clear illustrations, graphs and other visual images. Simply wipe the images away to start again with an absolutely clean writing surface. Prospects and customers alike will be thoroughly captivated by your 21st century presentations.

The Clarus Look

Adding Clarus glassboards to an office environment does more than improve the effectiveness of meetings and presentations. Glassboards add to the look and appeal of a business environment. Unlike those drab, old-fashioned whiteboards, innovative writing solutions by Clarus make a work environment glimmer with creativity.

Clarus is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technologies and workplace solutions. Customized glassboards can literally transform the design and functionality of any office space. The design possibilities are as endless as the hopes and dreams of a forward looking business plan. Choose the size and color of your beautiful new glassboards to customize any environment where teamwork and creativity are held in high regard.

Silky Smooth

Writing on an innovative glass whiteboard is as silky smooth as an expertly crafted sales pitch. There’s no problem using a permanent marker or grease pen on a stain-free glassboard. Clarus glassboards last for many years and can be quickly cleaned with either a dry or wet -erase method. Clarus technologies, including magnetic glass walling and back-painted architectural systems, can help revolutionize the mood and attitude of a dedicated workforce. Clarus glass products help create an environment where innovation is sure to flourish.