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Clarus Glassboards™ Wins Interior Design’s 2016 HiP Award

Interior Design’s HiP Awards at Neocon honor industry people and products that represent pioneering design and innovation.

And Clarus™ kicks off Neocon the best way possible, with a HiP victory, taking home the top prize for Interior Design in the Workplace Furniture Category.

This is the second win on an international scale for Flip, having already won Interior Design’s 2015 Best of Year award.

What makes Flip so special?

Simply put, Flip transcends category. Its traditional glassboard functionality serves the high-use demands of the workplace, while its aesthetic and sound-deadening properties deliver value more often associated with acoustical panels or even design accents.

And the ‘Flip’ action enables endless functional use-cases, ranging from multi-purpose facilities to information-sensitive environments, where, for example, strategic business content can be flipped out of sight on demand.

Clarus’ Flip win came on the eve of the company’s Merchandise Mart showroom debut, in space 1033A – a tapestry of all Clarus products including Balance, Clarus’ latest design, a glass ping pong table that is retailing for $25,000.

The award win reflects Clarus’ leading position in the market, according to Clarus President Andy Philipp:

“We are honored to receive Interior Design’s HiP at NeoCon product award for our Flip product. It’s a testament to the innovation taking place at Clarus and with all the great design we’re seeing throughout Neocon, we’re proud to say that our products are leading the way in such a competitive market.”

To see Flip and learn more about the transformative product at the intersection of architecture and workplace communication, take some time during Neocon to visit Clarus at showroom 1033A in The Merchandise Mart.