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Clarus™ Rocks Neocon 2016


Attendees of NeoCon in Chicago this week were treated to a uniquely fun experience in showroom 1033A. The Mart was packed. And starting with the HiP announcement on Sunday night in which Clarus took home the trophy in the Workplace Furniture category, it was simply a special show.


When Clarus opened the doors to 1033A at 9 AM on Monday, show attendees saw for the first time Balance, Clarus’ acclaimed glass ping-pong table. Early visitors got to partake in competitive sport, enjoying table tennis in between interacting with Clarus stalwarts such as Flip, Float™, Surround and go! Mobile™.

Word soon spread that while decades-long showroom presences were highlighted by their latest and greatest, the party was at Clarus. Before long, partners in design firms were volleying with partners from other design firms, or designers, or students—the simple fun of ping pong broke all barriers.

And a fresh perspective on design was evident in every element of the showroom. Particularly popular were the Flip boards so perfectly mounted to demonstrate their versatility – combining writeable glass surfaces on one side with acoustical material on the other. The one word that stood out from the Flip board commentary was simply “awesome”.

Supporting and explaining the cutting edge design decisions was Director of Product Development Dony Dawson. With the technology, materials, and design freedom to build product in-house, Dawson possesses old-world magic—true craftsmanship that results in the Clarus innovation on display at Neocon. And the pride in design radiated in all of Dawson’s interactions with the trade, never more evident than the man launching himself on the edge of the Balance glass ping pong table to prove its design integrity and strength.


As most commercial clients graduate from whiteboards to Glassboards, representatives and dealers at Neocon left with the perfect Clarus solution picked out for their clients. In addition to the specifications, information, and connection with the brand, they also left with a fresh inspiration, because while many a Neocon showroom brought their best products to the best event in the industry, nobody brought the fun like Clarus.