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Clarus™ Wins Interior Designs’ Best of Year Award


Clarus has done it once again!

In 2013, we brought a cutting-edge, mobile glassboard platform called go! Mobile™ to the marketplace. We were invited by our great friends at Interior Design magazine to attend their Best of Year award show and took home a trophy for go! Mobile.

This year, we have brought the world a new, space-transforming, beautiful glassboard platform called Flip™. Just like in 2013, we have been awarded on of Interior Design’s coveted trophies for our innovative product.

The idea behind flip was creating a great-looking, functional glassboard that doubled as a piece of modern art. We achieved this by segmenting our signature Clarus glassboard and making it flip over on your wall to reveal a whole new product.

We thought that we should have a product that was business in the front and party in the back. Flip executes this perfectly by offering as much functionality as it does beauty.

Whether you prefer our sound-dampening felt panels on your Flip board or two-sided glass, we have your back. Each and every Flip board that leaves our floor is designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ needs, no matter how diverse.

We are proud of the work that we have done to make it this far and look forward to many more Best of Year awards in the future. We know that the coming year will bring many great things and new adventures for you and for us. Flip a perfect tool to help you tackle your workload, while looking good.

Check Flip out and we promise you will see why Interior Designs awarded it Best of Year. With you and Flip, your work will be Flip’n awesome!