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Clerkenwell Design Week: Clarus Surprises Designers

Clarus™ is celebrating its first appearance at Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) since officially opening its London office – and we’re celebrating big. The Clarus team stepped outside the norm to partner with Koleksiyon and donate mobile, writable glassboards to children’s hospitals in the UK during a “go! for Gold” event.

Weeks before the show, Clarus reached out to some of the finest A&D firms in the UK, asking them to submit their most creative, interactive designs to be printed on go! Mobile™ glassboards. The participants were told that the top 3 designs would be chosen during CDW, printed on go! Mobiles, and then donated to children’s hospitals by the winning designers.

The six participating firms stepped into the Koleksiyon showroom for “The Main Event” on Thursday of #CDW2018, dressed in their best cocktail attire and ready to find out which 3 designs would actually be printed on glass. What these designers didn’t know, was that each of the submitted designs had already been printed onto go! Mobile glassboards and staged in the showroom, creating 9 beautiful drawing surfaces that will all be donated to children’s hospitals.

As the surprise sunk in, the guests excitedly walked around the showroom to see all the designs brought to life on Clarus glass and spent time voting for their favorites – and then the long-awaited winners were chosen. The winning designers are pictured below, from left to right: 1st place, Natalie Roberts with TP Bennet; 2nd place, the MCM Architecture team; 3rd place, Lauren Scally with TP Bennett. The winners have been invited to accompany the Clarus team to donate their go! Mobiles later this month.

The beauty of this Clarus event is found, not in the event itself, but in the time these prestigious designers spent designing engaging drawing surfaces. Clarus is committed to building beautiful, sustainable products that foster creativity, especially in the imaginative minds of children – and these go! Mobiles will spend years creating fun, engaging moments within each hospital.

Thank you to every participating design firm – each of the printed go! Mobiles is being donated to either the Great Ormond Street Hospital or the Richard House Children’s Hospice.