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Colored Glassboards

An organized, clean and modern office can have a much bigger impact on how you do business than you may think. First impressions aren’t just for people, and your workplace will convey a look and feel the second your employees, clients and customers walk in the door. Your company’s image shows your organization’s values, work ethic and professionalism. Almost 55% of first impressions are based on overall appearance, and since many people make decisions based on feelings and instincts, your company’s image is very important.

Colors also have a profound impact on how we look at a brand, company or image. If you’re deciding which colors to use, keep some of these tips in mind:

Red – Red is used to show passion or warfare. The color tends to prompt action, increase your pulse and even stimulate hunger. Many fast food restaurants use bright colors like red, orange and yellow for this reason.

Orange – Orange is a playful and youthful color, and similar to red, stimulates hunger, but also a bit of playfulness from the yellow tint. A popular example of this would be Nickelodeon.

Yellow – Yellow is typically the happiest color, symbolizing sunshine, but can also be used for caution or cowardice, as the bright color is used for caution signs and caution tape.

Green – Green is typically used for nature, renewal and health. Green can also be used to convey money and wealth, but ever since the term “Going Green” has been coined, most people associate it with sustainability and clean living.

Blue – Blue is calming and can promote a sense of security and success. Many fortune 500 companies use blue for this reason. One interesting fact about blue is that it’s the one color that actually suppresses appetite. The reasoning behind this is that there is very little blue in our natural diets.

Once you’ve decided which color best represents your company, run with it! Colorful offices tend to spark creativity and a more exciting workplace. You can add color in hundreds of ways, including colored chairs or desks, colored office supplies like paperclips, staplers and pens, or full walls of color. One of the best and most professional ways to color up your office is to add back-painted glass whiteboards, which can be used as custom table tops, a welcome board or even used as a dry erase board with personality.

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