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The Most Compatible Markers for Glassboards

Whiteboards are an essential piece to any office or conference room. They are even great in homes for to do lists, shopping lists, messages and so on. Clarus Glassboards have been the next step for upgrading the office for more vivid presentability. Now, many people often wonder which markers are the most compatible with their Clarus Glassboards. Clarus Glassboards are compatible with a wide range of markers and will last a lifetime if they are taken care of. It is important to maintain a clean and presentable surface with the right types of markers.

The Clarus team has put together a list of the best matches for these whiteboards. First on the list is the Expo bold color dry erase marker. This marker is a favorite for Clarus Glassboards – like our wall-mounted glass board, Float + Depth. They are very efficient markers that write cleanly and boldly, dry quickly, and wipe off silky smooth with a dry erase eraser.

The next choice is the Quartet liquid paint marker. These come in a useful array of colors, including neon colors and classic blacks, blues, and reds. The neon colors are ideal for dark glass boards. The benefit to these is that they draw easily and visibly, and they come off cleanly with a dry erase eraser. They also bump up the level of visibility, style, and appearance when using a glass board.

Many people probably haven’t heard of a liquid chalk marker, but it is the next preference for Clarus Glassboards. They come out as a liquid, but they come off as a chalk. They are a favorite in some offices that utilize glass dry-erase wall panels. The marker needs to dry for a few seconds before erasing, but when it does dry, it wipes off like dust. This marker also comes in an impressive variety of neon and classic colors.

Now, here’s the unique thing about Clarus Glassboards. They are even compatible with permanent markers. Many offices call this marker the “whiteboard killer,” but with Clarus Glassboards they are easily manageable. Any permanent marker can be used, but Sharpie is the choice brand because of their high-quality product. The trick is that they can’t be cleaned with a regular dry-erase eraser. Simply use some glass cleaner, like Windex, and the marker wipes off easily with a paper towel.

Any of these markers are the popular choice for Clarus Glassboards. Now it is all a matter of preference. It depends on what kind of style and appearance is needed during the conference or meeting. If the room is long and there are people seated in the back, Expo bold colors are appropriate for visibility. If the presentation needs to be visually stimulating, attractive, and engaging, use the neon colors of Quartet or the liquid chalk. The best thing about these markers, however, is that they will keep a Clarus Glassboard looking brand new no matter how many times it is used.