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Cool Kinds of Glass

Glass is a useful and versatile material that’s been around for thousands of years. Glass can be molded, strengthened and colored and is used in our day to day lives. Many people know that glass is made from sand, but not many people know how many kinds of glass there are and what they’re used for. The following are some interesting kinds of glass and how they’re made:

Bulletproof Glass – Also known as ballistic glass, is a very strong but flexible glass that is resistant to penetration of bullets and other forceful blows. Bulletproof glass is made of at least two kinds of glass, one hard and one soft to help make it both elastic and strong. The hardest part in making bulletproof glass is ensuring that the glass doesn’t distort your view. The glass also undergoes a thermal process to strengthen the material. Bulletproof glass is often used in banks, jewelry shops and jails. Most bullet proof glass can be detected by looking at the break, as the stress point of the break shatters more than the rest of the glass, as opposed to fully shattering or cracking.

Laminated Glass – Another kind of safety glass is laminated glass, which holds together when it’s shattered. Laminated glass is held together by an interlayer, between the layers of glass, which holds the glass from breaking into sharp pieces. The interlayer also gives the glass much better sound insulation and blocks 99% UV radiation. Laminated glass is typically used in car windshields, as it prevents shattering in the event of an accident. Laminated glass is often used in geographical areas with hurricane-resistant construction is required. When laminated glass is struck, it often has a “spider web” cracking, since the shards stay in place after the glass is broken.

Tempered Glass – Tempered glass is created through a thermal and chemical process that strengthens the glass. Tempered glass can be anywhere from five to ten times the strength of regular glass. Tempered glass creates balanced internal stresses which cause the glass to shatter into small pebble-like pieces when it’s broken instead of large, sharp shards. Tempered glass is often used in passenger windows of cars, shower doors, glass whiteboards, skylights, and many other products we use every day. Many storefront windows and doors use tempered glass, to protect the public in event of an accident.

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