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Cool Uses for Glassboards

Glass whiteboards have absolutely become the whiteboards of the future; they’re durable, they’re easy to clean and they can virtually last forever. While glassboards have become the newest staple in any organized home or office, these boards have many more functions than being mere presentation and scheduling boards. If you own a glass whiteboard, you could be using it in all kinds of fun and useful ways. Here are just a few fun ways to play with your board:

Picture Collage Frame – If you own a glass whiteboard in your home and don’t necessarily always need to use it, put it to use in other ways! The sturdy and sleek glass can be a great backboard for a collection of pictures, or even a large, blown-up picture which typically costs an arm and a leg to frame. You can easily take the board up and down, or just slide pictures and decorations behind it. You can decorate your board for every holiday, you can add family pictures, and you can even create nightly menus when you have friends and family over for dinner. Get creative with your board and you will find there are thousands of uses for it.

Board Game – Our magnetic glassboards can be incredibly fun! Use your glassboard to create a custom board game for your family, students, or inspiration for your employees. Our glass boards can easily handle being written on with permanent markers, grease pens, paint and all kinds of inks. You can use the strong earth magnets as game pieces and move them around your board with ease. When everything is said and done you just easily wipe the board clean with a soft towel and some cleaning detergent.

Weight Loss Monitor – Monitor your inches lost with our standing glass whiteboards. Weight loss can be an incredibly frustrating psychological process. You may lose a ton of water weight at the beginning of your journey and then hit plateaus, gain muscle and therefore weight, and all kinds of other roadblocks. Basically, a lot of the times the scales can be lying. Instead of depending on a scale for daily motivation, you should keep track of your size. You could easily do this with our standing glassboard. Our mobile glassboard is the perfect size to outline your body on, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed by asking a friend or family member to take pictures of you.

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