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Decorative Glass – Office Glassboards

It’s no secret that the economy has stifled many businesses unnecessary spending. In some ways, the businesses that learned how to survive have actually come out a more streamlined organization, since they were forced to cut the fat out of their monthly budgets. In other ways, however, cutting spending has drastically cut how some businesses function and the image they exude to the public. Smart companies understand that image is everything, and would rather go out of business than cut the reputation and image they’ve worked so hard to build.

One of the best ways a business can build their image is from the inside out. New business owners tend to focus on expensive marketing materials and promoting their business, when the offices themselves are less than impressive.

One of the most modern ways to decorate your office is with decorative glass. If your space looks plain or boring, glass paneling, signage and walls can add some decorative flair without breaking the bank. Decorative glass is made out of tempered glass, which is up to ten times stronger than regular glass. These panels can come in almost any color or size that you could imagine and are completely customizable. Not only could you have these panels of glass back-painted or cut to the perfect size, you can actually have them inscribed or sporting your company’s logo. Here are just a few offices that look great with decorative glass:

Hair Salons – Hair salons thrive off of being cutting edge and up with the times. If you walked into a hair salon that was decorated from the 80’s would you expect stylists to know the newest, best cuts and styles? Decorative glass can add function to these workspaces by dividing parts of the building. They can separate the waiting room as a decorative receptionist wall or separate the wash sinks and perm stations from the nail and facial section.

Advertising Office – Advertising offices need to always be on the creative edge, not only for the clients that walk through the doors, but to give added inspiration to employees.

Interior Design Firm – Interior design firms are a great place to advertise your design skills. When your clients walk into your office, you want them to be instantly impressed, since many interior designers have stiff competition. If your clients walk into your office and are immediately wowed by the modern and professional look, you’ll be much more likely to earn their business.

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